Ron Paul Highlights in CNN / Arizona Debate as he clearly won!

Ron Paul Highlights in CNN / Arizona Debate

Full CNN Republican Debate in Arizona with Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich

Dr. Paul clearly won the CNN debate last night

The contrast couldn’t be clearer between Dr. Paul and the other 3-of-a-kind. Their positions don’t stand up to scrutiny and reveal their collective lack of moral and political integrity. Dr. Paul’s word is his bond, and his actions are congruent with his core convictions. Dr. Paul believes in LIBERTY for all and governance in accordance with the U.S. Constitution as written by our Founders. The other candidates, on the other hand, quarrrel about the degree which our Liberty should be encumbered. Now, if we can get our fellow Americans to do their own research and vote their conscience, instead of ‘trying to pick a winner,’ Dr. Paul will win the nomination and the general election in a walk.

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