Is Obama giving in to Israeli pressure over Iran?

AIPAC toady Obama basically gave the Israelis the green light to bomb Iran during his speech at AIPAC in DC yesterday!:
Is Obama giving in to Israeli pressure over Iran?

Obama, AIPAC And The Rest of US

To bomb or not to bomb? Obama and Netanyahu meeting will be all about Iran

U.S. Backers of Israel Pressure Obama Over Policy on Iran

Obama talks tough at AIPAC, urges caution on Iran;cbsCarousel

Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs, U.S. official says

Top administration source says Obama instructed Defense Secretary to work with Defense Minister Barak, to give all due consideration to the request for purchasing GBU-28 bombs, advanced refueling aircraft.

We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran

Fears of a bomb in Tehran’s hands are overhyped, and a war to prevent it would be a disaster

If Israel attacks Iran, U.S. could be pulled into war;lst;3

US military intelligence: ‘Iran won’t start the war’

Israelis against unilateral strike on Iran – poll (scroll down to video linked at bottom of following link)

Obama and AIPAC planning Iran’s future?

Obama to Iran and Israel: “As President of the United States, I Don’t Bluff”

(No mention of Israel’s Nuclear Weapons..but seeking Jewish support at $ 35,800 a platewould he be caught dining with Arab-Muslim Americans for any kind of money?!)
By Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic [ please see the link for the long transcript]
Neocons and AIPAC both want war– but AIPAC has the Dems
Why Occupy AIPAC?:
Activists Occupy AIPAC with message to Congress: No War On Iran
Jewish activist to AIPAC: Stop Silencing Dissent!
Occupy AIPAC: Saying No to K Street Control of Congress and War on Iran (by Rae Abileah)
Rae Abileah (who wrote the above piece) is a courageous Israeli Jew who was beaten up by AIPAC thugs in the House of Representative gallery when she protested against Netanyahu’s speech the last time he spoke before Congress to 29 standing ovations:
The Israel Lobby
Additional about the Israel lobby’s push for war with Iran via

The Channel 4 ‘Dispatches program (in the UK) discussed the power/influence of the Israel lobby in the UK as well which I am also going to discuss with Gilad tomorrow (so with the US Israel lobby via AIPAC and the neocons and the UK Israel lobby as conveyed above via Gilad’s blog entry and the following links as well we don’t have a chance to avoid a coming war with Iran which will be for Israel just like Iraq was per the neocon ‘Clean Break’ agenda –!):
Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby
Neocon/AIPAC mouthpiece ‘Neocon John’ McCain pushed AIPAC resolution against Iran:

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

4 Responses to “Is Obama giving in to Israeli pressure over Iran?”

  • V Paulsen says:

    As citizens of the USA our primary concern should be the welfare and interests of this nation. Advocating and/or supporting the interests of any other nation when that support threatens the US is a traitorous and teacherous action. When Barack Obama pleges allegiance to Israel, as he did during his first campaign, and when he has done so recently, he is not acting as the POTUS of the US, or in the best interests of the US.

    I am appalled that any individual, citizen, group in this nation should advocate for the support of Israel, whose current actions threaten the US. It is Iran on whom the US depends, among other OIL producing nations, and with whom we should be maintaining close ties.

    If Israel would cease and desist from its genocidal activities towards the Palestinians, and if the US would recognize the legitimacy of the Palestinian claims and rights to its own lands, much of this present Iran/Israel hostility would be considerably diminished.

    What is happening now in Washington DC among our electeds with respect to the Iran/Israel conflict is truly alarming, and jeopardizes all of us.

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