Israel’s stooges clamour for Iran war | Israelis rejoice at Palestinian children’s death


ARTICLE 1 – “Ignore the intelligence reports, let’s make war on Iran.”


SYNOPSIS – Stuart Littlewood argues that, with the USA’s intelligence agencies
concurring that Iran has no nuclear weapons programme, Washington’s and
London’s clamour for ever tighter sanctions and war with Iran appear to be
motivated not by national interests, but by loyalty and obedience to Israel and
its lobbies.

Neocon mouthpiece ‘Neocon John’ McCain says trust Israel’s judgment in bombing Iran:

McCain: Trust Israel’s Judgment on Attacking Iran

ARTICLE 2 – “Israelis rejoice at the death of Palestinian children in bus


SYNOPSIS – Paul J. Balles considers the mentality of Israelis who openly
rejoiced at the death of nine Palestinian kindergarten children and one adult
in a bus accident in February.

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