Gilad Atzmon: Armageddon Ahead

Gilad Atzmon: Armageddon Ahead

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  • bob says:

    Just for the record to show how SUCCESSFUL Atzmon tour is in the US.
    Here is a comment from Kevin Barrett that organizes his performance in Madison US.
    “We may still need people to jam with Gilad Atzmon. Anybody who plays an instrument and knows jazz standards is welcome. RSVP appreciated: 217-722-6583 (leave a message and tell us what you play).

    Wow what a great Musician, they are looking in the streets for someone who knows how to play an Instrument to Jam with Atzmon.

    Wow what a high level of a career………..
    Not only his activism is gone but his musical career is doomed.

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