‘Yellow light enough’ for Israel to attack Iran’

‘Yellow light enough’ for Israel to attack Iran’


Iran War Game Predicts Dire Consequences for U.S. Forces After Israeli Attack:



Will Israel Bomb Iran without Notifying the US?: http://tinyurl.com/willisraelbombiran


Gareth Porter wrote:
Just met “Israeli official” I can’t name under the ground rules here in Jerusalem, who insists only purpose in negotiating with Iran is to end its nuclear program. The position he presents is that Iran must surrender in these negotiations or face military attack. There is no alternative of negotiations that recognize any legitimate interests of Iran.Of course that is not necessarily the Obama administration’s position, but that is where U.S.-Israeli politics will play out in the coming weeks.
One just has to read friend Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal) to know that the Iranian nuclear program is just the pretext as it is regime change wanted (because the Iranian regime supports the enemies of Israel in Hezbol…lah and Hamas as I conveyed on Russia Today last month in the ‘Crosstalk’ broadcast on Syria which Steve Sniegoski linked to via youtube in the following piece):
Israel Lobby Pushing Syrian Regime Change to Weaken Iran

Philip Giraldi on AIPAC – The American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s drive towards war:

Lobbying for War (by Philip Giraldi)


Israel Lobby pushing world to the brink of WW3:


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