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Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran’s Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack

Russia Is Massing Troops On Iran’s Northern Border And Waiting For A Western Attack

‘West mulling military action against Iran’

U.S. GIVES IRAN ‘LAST CHANCE’ WARNING OVER SHUTTING DOWN NUCLEAR FACILITY, By Guy Adams  ** Obama demands concessions as crucial talks begin in Istanbul later this week ** Independent (London),  April 9, 2012

”Iran must immediately close a large nuclear facility built underneath a mountain if it is to take what President Obama has called a “last chance” to resolve its escalating dispute with the West via diplomacy. Other “near term” concessions which must be met in the early stages of talks to avoid a potential military conflict, include the suspension of higher level (20%) uranium enrichment, and the surrender by Tehran of existing stockpiles of the fuel, senior US officials said yesterday.”

US Navy deploys 2nd aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf amid Iran tensions

Iran tensions driven by Israel lobby pushing US to the brink of WW 3:

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington: Israel Can Start a War and the US Can do Nothing to Stop It (scroll down to Philip Giraldi’s mention of how US media isn’t reporting US military concern about Israel dragging US into war with Iran if Israel attacks Iran in following article):

‘Israel – not Iran – a nuclear power out of intl control’
Israel, threat to world peace: German Nobel laureate Grass

Surprises in the Israeli-Iranian Duel
By Patrick Seale

21 April 2012 will be the first day in the 9th year Mordechai Vanunu, Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower has been under 24/7 surveillance and denied the RIGHT to leave Israel; on top of 18 years in jail for telling the TRUTH and providing the photographic proof that led nuclear physicists to conclude Israel had manufactured upwards of 200 nuclear warheads by 1986!Please post your PUBLIC ACTION in Comment section and join the Cause FREE VANUNU Now @
The BBC Film That Exposed Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (FULL Documentary) (Banned)
Gerald Celente We Are on the Brink of a Great War:

Afghan War Support Hits a New Low (two thirds of Americans against Afghan quagmire)

Afghan War Support Hits a New Low; Many Urge Mental-Health Checks–abc-news-politics.html

Veterans Favor Obama Over Romney – They’re Sick of War

Obama Touts War’s End in Afghanistan, But Critics See Election-Year Guise for Prolonged Occupation
Obama-style War on Terror: ‘Lofty statements’ amid ‘occupation crisis?’
This is what John McCain and the neocons are responsible for in pushing those Iraq and Afghan wars (for/because of Israel) as Ron Paul was right at the end of the day!:

Morris: Obama keeps troops in Afghanistan not to be called loser

US presence in Afghanistan against American public opinion: Analyst

Following is a youtube of the above:

‘US facing Waterloo situation in Afghanistan’ (Press TV interview with James Morris)

‘US pays price in money and blood for Israel’ (another Press TV interview with James Morris about Afghan quagmire):

Following is a youtube version of James Morris’ Press TV interview linked above:

‘US pays price in money and blood for Israel’

Press TV’s Kaneez Fatima talks to James Morris on War in Afghanistan

‘Neocon John’ McCain at it again with Afghanistan:

Neocon Mouthpiece McCain suggests US not to quit Afghan war
Looks like Obama caved to McCain and the rest of the neocon hijacked GOP with the following:

C-SPAN ‘Washington Journal’ telephone lines were open for comments on the agreement that U.S. forces will stay in Afghanistan until 2024, a decade after formal U.S. troop withdrawal. Alissa Rubin was interviewed by phone about how the agreement was reached (all but one C-SPAN caller was against such!).

U.S. troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers,0,5032601.story

The Pentagon sought to keep war crimes secret in the case of soldiers posing with Afghan body parts . . .

It’s time to accelerate our military withdrawal from Afghanistan: Bring our soldiers home

DE BORCHGRAVE on neocon driven Afghan & Iraq wars

Afghan Massacre Sheds Light on Culture of Mania and Aggression in U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

Americans Want Out of Afghanistan quagmire:  


Australia to Withdraw Troops Early from Afghan quagmire

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced today Australia will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan earlier than planned. Gillard said troops would begin pulling out this year, and most would be home by the end of 2013. Gillard made the announcement two days after militants waged an 18-hour attack on Kabul that left more than 50 people dead.

Norway’s Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, Reflects on Norwegian Massacre, Afghan War

Panetta says war strategy cannot be guided by polls


Your Voice Counts” with USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney
Saturday April 07, 2012

Phil welcomes a young veteran named Bryce to share his experiences on duty in Afghanistan, and the long-lasting effects on his life. Bryce is a special guest; he is Phil’s son (my call for Bryce comes near the end of the broadcast):
Following is a youtube of the above interview with Bryce Tourney:
‘US pays price in money and blood for Israel’

One Dem candidate calls another a ‘whore’ for AIPAC during live debate

One Dem candidate calls another a ‘whore’ for AIPAC during live debate
LEE WHITNUM CALLS U.S. REP CHRIS MURPHY A WHORE during NBC debate!“I’m dealing with whore here who sells his soul to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], who will say anything for the job,” Whitnum explained, pointing towards Murphy and then adding that state Rep. William Tong was “ignorant” for defending him.
A politician with courage who understands the neocons and the Israeli stranglehold on America:
PS: Finally an America first candidate (Lee Whitnum) running for the Senate who puts US interests ahead of Israel’s as Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s  ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book ( book had been sent to her to use as a reference before that Connecticut debate last night!
Gilad Atzmon – Writings – Lee Whitnum is telling the truth:
Former Israeli minister mentions how the ‘anti-Semitic trick’ is used in the US in following youtube: