Ron Paul & Napolitano~Restore Civil Liberties

Ron Paul & Napolitano~Restore Civil Liberties



 Ron Paul attacks CISPA in urgent call to oppose ‘Big Brother’ bill (AUDIO)
Ron Paul is EXPLODING!! with Zero media coverage
Rachel Maddow : Ron Paul delegate strategy is working
Ron Paul Still in the Race with Millions in Funding and Zero Debt

Ron Paul has UCLA students hanging out in Trees OMG ~ 2012 Presidential Race

Ron Paul UCLA Rally 2012 Best footage compilation (in HD)

Mike Chickey wrote: This (above youtube!) really captures the excitement and energy of the UCLA event:
7,000+ person Ron Paul rally at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, 4/4/2012, shatters attendance record.
Video highlights: Incredibly long line to get in, fire marsh…all holds 1,000 people at the gate, people climb trees to see, some speech highlights, massive crowd goes nuts.
I was one of the aprox. 1,000 that were held at the gate. Strauss Stadium’s fixed seats hold 5,800 people which were completely filled after fire marshall allowed them to be by the end yet there was still a massive crowd outside the gate, peering through the fence, and up in the trees. I hope this video gives you the feeling that you were actually there. I shot most of the footage with a Canon 60D camera and edited in Final Cut X.

 Ron Paul at UCLA:

Ron Paul Gets 10,000 People At UCLA! This Is The Revolution We Have Been Waiting For!

Ron Paul Draws 7,800+ at UCLA Rally! Video Clips of Crowd and Speech!

Ron Paul UCLA Overcapacity crowd! 4/4/2012

Congressman Ron Paul explains the TRUE reason behind the resentment of the U.S. around the world

 Ron Paul spot on with 9/11 Motivation:

What Motivated 9/11 Hijackers? See testimony most didn’t!

Valentino’s Ghost (new documentary about US media coverage of the Arab/Muslim world):

CISPA: Patriot Act for the web’ – Internet activist

Via @RT_com at Twitter (no coverage by US mainstream media):

BREAKING: House approves #CISPA 248-168 #news

CISPA Critics Warn Cybersecurity Bill Will Increase Domestic Surveillance and Violate Privacy Rights

Ultimately, the legislation passed 248-168:

Festival of Books: Iraq as ‘distraction’ and other post-9/11 loose ends (US could be become tyrany):

“Sit Down!” The Power to Silence the Truth about 9/11 Part 2

Scroll down to Terry McDermott’s Los Angeles Times article at and see youtube as well!

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran:

Additional youtubes automatically play after the first one (same one as the above one with James Morris) finishes at following youtube link!:

Additional at following URL:

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran

Ron Paul vs the Israel 1st Neocon Warmongers:

Neocon Warmongers:

Romney Embraces the Israel first Neocon Warmongers:


3 Responses to “Ron Paul & Napolitano~Restore Civil Liberties”

  • Patriot says:

    Campaign for Liberty (C4L) wrote:

    As it turns out, the Republican Leadership was so “confident” in H.R. 3523, the “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act” (CISPA), that they had to ram it through at the last minute Thursday night after an entire week of portraying the vote as taking place today.

    Ultimately, the legislation passed 248-168:

    House Leadership knew the opposition to CISPA was growing in both numbers and intensity as groups like C4L got the word out on their latest attack on our privacy.

    So they were only able to pass it after adopting 11 amendments on the House floor to tweak the language.

    If a bill needs to be changed that much, it’s pretty obvious it should go back to the drawing board instead of on to the Senate.

    Though we fell short of stopping CISPA in the House, the vote was much closer than it was expected to be even a week ago, and I again thank you for your response to our calls for action.

    With so many amendments being adopted just before the rushed vote on final passage, it was not possible for representatives to get a full picture of what the bill will do until after they passed it.

    I’m sure you remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous proclamation, “We have to pass [ObamaCare] so you can find out what’s in it.”

    Though an examination of the Frankenstein legislation CISPA became reveals some useful narrowing of certain language, the final bill still contains broad provisions that could open the floodgates for what government can see about our online activity.

    And, despite so many amendments, CISPA still contains the “notwithstanding any other provision in law” clause that trumps current privacy laws and the immunity guarantee that allows private companies to get off scot-free if they misuse our information or falsely accuse us.

    The battle to guard our privacy online now turns to the Senate, where CISPA faces an uncertain future.

    But it’s a guarantee that any refusal on Senator Harry Reid’s part to bring CISPA up for a vote won’t be because of a love for liberty.

    Instead, a coalition of senators led by Joe Lieberman and Susan Collins are promoting their own legislation that can only be described as CISPA on steroids.

    But friends of freedom have a powerful ally in Senator Rand Paul as we oppose this bill, and C4L will need your help again to provide him with the critical grassroots reinforcements necessary to guard our privacy and civil liberties.

    So be sure to stay tuned to your email and for more information on this bill in the coming days.

    Though it can seem discouraging when a bill so fiercely attacking our rights passes a chamber of Congress, you and I must never let such news knock us out of the fight.

    The statists know which way the wind is blowing in this country, and that’s why they’re pulling out every possible stop to enforce their agenda.

    If your representative voted for CISPA, I urge you to call Congress and let them know you will be sure to tell your fellow constituents about their refusal to stand for freedom.

    If your representative voted against CISPA, I hope you will remind them that we expect loyalty to the Constitution on every other vote, as well.

    As we look ahead, let us redouble our resolve and press on in defense of liberty.

    For those who are able to give right now, I hope you will chip in $10 or $25 to help C4L continue to fight CISPA, the Lieberman-Collins bill, and any other legislation that threatens Americans’ cherished freedoms.

    If the only action you can take today is to call Congress, write a quick note to your elected officials, or spread the word to your family and friends, I hope you will do so.

    Every step we take to act on our beliefs moves us closer to our goal of Reclaiming the Republic and Restoring the Constitution.

    In Liberty,

    Matt Hawes
    Vice President

    P.S. In the face of growing opposition, House Leadership rammed CISPA through last night by a vote of 248-168.

    Even though 11 amendments tweaked the bill’s language, the final product still threatens our online privacy and exempts private companies from being held liable for abusing our personal information.

    Although CISPA is currently unlikely to gain much traction in the Senate, another bill, proposed by Senators Lieberman and Collins, can only be summarized as CISPA on steroids.

    Your chip-in contribution of $10 or $25 will help C4L turn up the heat on the Senate to reject both pieces of legislation.

    If you cannot give right now, please continue to contact Congress and spread the word to your family and friends so they can also take action.

  • Sissy says:

    The Republican-led House of Representatives has approved the use of force if Iran threatens the US and its allies with nuclear weapons.– Why do they not care about what Americans want or say the is against Americans and who wants to die for AIPAC Zionist racist? They want war against Americans all the time. AIPAC wants to fight a war with Americans in our own country this is the issue at hand as I see it now.—-I shocked-

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