Has Ron Paul Sold Out To Israeli Lobby?

Has Ron Paul Sold Out To Israeli Lobby?

Ron Paul Shocks Campaign Staff With New Position On Israel


Ron Paul Gets One Wrong (by Philip Giraldi)



I have been an ardent supporter of Ron Paul but he caved on this one.. I didn’t like it when he said that it wasn’t our business if Israel attacked Iran (as conveyed in the following Press TV interview) but of course it is when we provide Israel with BILLIONS of US dollars and weaponry which would enable such an attack. In addition, Dr. Paul doesn’t seem to understand how serious it is when he mentions that Israel should be allowed to move its capital to Jerusalem which is against international law and against official US State Department policy as well. Any supposed two-state solution whould involve Jerusalem as a shared city between Israelis and Palestinians (I happen to believe in the One-State Solution though). Again it is obvious that Dr. Paul caved on this one.. I am an independent and was going to switch back to Republican to vote for him in the primary but I am not going to bother doing that now.. I still may vote for him as a write-in in November if he comes back to reality with this one!:

Press TV talks to James Morris on ‘CNN GOP Debate’


In addition you might want to take a look at George Washington’s Farewell Address linked at the bottom of http://astandforjustice.org/ as well. Israel murdered American sailors and marines on the USS Liberty as I have friends who were on that ship. Israel should never be cut any slack for such treachery. Israel is no friend of America as I don’t agree with Ron Paul’s position of wanting to let Israel do whatever it wants to using US taxpayer dollars for such! We can’t allow Israel to start WW3!


Incredible for Ron Paul to cave like that especially with the following ’60 Minutes’ segment last night:

Christians of the Holy Land


’60 minutes’ profiles Palestinian Christians
“It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)

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  • john says:

    You have a shallow grasp about Ron Paul’s foreign policy. He is consistent. He don’t want to meddle with other foreign country’s domestic policy whether it is Egypt, Syria, UK, even Israel or whatever. If Israel government decided to transfer their capital to Jerusalem, then US should respect that because it’s their country. Then, we should respect their decision by transferring US embassy to Jerusalem.
    Think about this. If for the sake of argument, the US Congress and government decided to transfer it’s capital to New York, will you be annoyed if China and Russia objected to it and follow their wish. You will tell them ‘Mind your own business!’

  • Patriot says:

    I was talking about it with friend Steve Sniegoski (who wrote the ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book on how the neocons pushed US into the Iraq quagmire) this morning and think it might come down to voting for the lesser of two evils between Ron Paul not caring about Israel moving its capital to Jerusalem but still being against the AIPAC/Neocon driven wars for/because of Israel which the other candidates still support (even though Obama is not for war with Iran like the neoconned GOP is via AIPAC/neocon mouthpieces like ‘Neocon John’ McCain he still caved into McCain in reaching an agreement to pay billions for the Afghan quagmire until 2024 as conveyed at the beginning of C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ this morning). I still may re-register from independent back to Republican for a day to vote for Ron Paul as a protest California primary vote (in June) against that same neoconned GOP which is all for war as the links about Romney at tinyurl.com/romneyembracesneocons convey but I don’t like Dr. Paul apparently caving to those evangelical ministers like he did (if that report is accurate). I also didn’t like what he said during that CNN national security debate about allowing Israel to attack Iran if it wanted to as conveyed at the beginning of following Press TV interview about such:

    Press TV talks to James Morris on ‘CNN GOP Debate’


  • Patriot says:

    PS: Check out all the calls against the following on C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ this morning as we know that Ron Paul would be against such which would be enough to still vote for him even though I don’t agree with him having no problem in allowing Israel to attack Iran and moving its capital to Jerusalem as well:

    C-SPAN ‘Washington Journal’ Telephone lines were open for comments on the agreement that U.S. forces will stay in Afghanistan until 2024, a decade after formal U.S. troop withdrawal. Alissa Rubin was interviewed by phone about how the agreement was reached.


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