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Sept 11 case (with 9/11 mastermind KSM) returns to Guantanamo tribunal

And when the following is discussed on the news tonight no mention will be made of the motive for KSM (US support for Israel as conveyed via the Los Angeles Times article near top of and via as well!):

Sept 11 case returns to Guantanamo tribunal

Alleged 9/11 mastermind facing military justice;lst;4

Accused 9/11 conspirators refuse to answer Gitmo judge;lst;5

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tries to “orchestrate drama” at Guantanamo trial:;lst;1

John Miller (who was the CBS News correspondent for the above segment) did an interview with Bin Laden in which the Israel factor was mentioned as well (see following link):

Who is Bin Laden (John Miller interview with Bin Laden for ABC News):

Missing words from 9-11 tribunal: CIA and “big-boy pants”

Report: Appeals court chokes off Guantanamo appeals

New photos of alleged 9-11 mastermind may have been spirited out of ‘Gitmo’