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John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up on Memorial Day 2012

America first patriot James Morris Challenges Israel first traitor John McCain at Memorial Day Service in San Diego (at Balboa Park) on May 28th, 2012:

McCain Confronted on USS Liberty Cover-up & Media Accomplices

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Activist James Morris Confronts John McCain for Ignoring Israeli Attack of USS Liberty

Romney here to honor troops, McCain takes on heckler (CBS local affiliate Channel 8 for San Diego):

Romney smiles as John McCain calls patriot a ‘jerk’ for asking him about USS Liberty cover-up!:

USS Liberty Survivor (Phillip Tourney) Email to Aide about Sen McCain ‘Jerk’ Remark

Can see entire video of John McCain and Mitt Romney via C-SPAN video at following URL:

USS Liberty Memorial Service Renews Calls of a Government Cover-Up:

McCain and Israel’s Bombing of the U.S.S. Liberty

Liberty Survivors Invoke Benghazi, Demand Hearings:

Saw following comment in comments section at bottom of above URL:

WHY McCain doesn’t want to talk: –

There are Two Main reasons why Senator John McCain wants to keep the attack on the USS Liberty buried.

1-  McCain’s Father (Admiral John S McCain) was in charge of US Naval Forces in Europe at the time of the attack and Admiral McCain was involved in the COVER-UP, of the attack on the Liberty.

2-  In America, huge sums of Money are needed to Win Elections at the National Level.  (Congress, President)   Wealthy American Jews give huge sums of Cash to Pro-Israeli Congressmen and Congresswomen.   Anyone deemed to be “anti-Israel” is cut off from Funding.  As a result, it’s very hard to Win an Election at the National Level, unless the candidate is a full time stooge to the powerful US Israeli Lobby.  (AIPAC)

Traitor John McCain praised Dad’s USS Liberty cover-up:

John McCain Praises Father’s Whitewashing of Israel’s Attack on the USS LIBERTY!:

Israel Attacked A US Navy Ship 45 Years Ago Killing Dozens Of Sailors — Survivors Want To Know Why–survivors-want-to-know-why-2012-6

 McCain calls heckler a ‘jerk’ after being jeered at Memorial Day event

John McCain Calls Heckler A ‘Jerk’ After Memorial Day Speech Interruption (VIDEO):

‘Jerk!’: McCain rips Memorial Day heckler

Maidhc O’Cathail (of had an excellent response to the above linked Raw Story piece (see the USS Liberty survivors’ comments at the bottom)!:

The Raw Story treats readers like “jerks” over Israel’s attack on USS Liberty:

JERKS and Hypocrites!

John McCain Confronted About USS Liberty Cover-up Memorial Day 2012

Look how biased the following local San Diego news segment was as well!:

Romney, McCain Honor San Diego Veterans

Romney in San Diego: American military must remain strong

No surprise writer Christopher Cadelago didn’t even touch upon (in above linked San Diego Union Tribune article) what John McCain was asked about by the ‘heckler’ (James Morris). James Morris and USS Liberty survivor Phillip Tourney were in touch with Mr. Cadelago  and conveyed what Morris had asked Senator McCain well before his deadline for filing the piece (Morris had asked Senator McCain about his and his admiral Father’s association with the USS Liberty cover-up as conveyed via Coronado resident Captain Ward Boston blew the lid off of the USS Liberty cover-up as conveyed in the following SD Union Tribune piece before he passed away (James Morris was the friend of Captain Boston who faxed his declaration linked below to James Bamford which he then read at the US State Department as can be seen via



Declaration of Ward Boston, Jr.,Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.)

Scroll down to additional about Captain Ward Boston at

Scroll down to the comments at the bottom of the following URL:

Sen. McCain Rips Heckler Who Interrupts His Memorial Day Speech: ‘Jerk!’

Ingraham On Sen. McCain Calling Out Heckler: ‘What’s Wrong With Calling Out Behavior For What It Is?’


ABC and CNN showed the video as well:

Officer Jack McLamb show from Monday night with USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney hosting as he had James Morris on air to discuss his USS Liberty question for John McCain: (Officer Jack McLamb is the most decorated law enforcement officer in Phoenix, Arizona history):


Following is a youtube (kindly created by David Strader for his excellent youtube channel) of the above broadcast :


USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney Hosts the Officer Jack McLamb Show 05-28-2012


@BryantJordan via Twitter: Few go to Arlington to remember the Liberty — and no politicians or DoD brass @PentagonPresSec @SECNAV @StateDept

VENTURA COUNTY STAR –  Opinion – by Bruce Marshall, Santa Paula
Another June 8 has come and gone without a whisper in the media of
the significance of the date, just as it has for the last 45 years.

Survivors have always believed the attack was intentional, rather
than accidental as was claimed, but the incident has been covered
up and officially forgotten.

Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty – The full story

Paul Findley speaking on 45th anniversary of Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS Liberty (Captain Bosto mentioned)

The High Cost of Subservience to Israel (USS Liberty mentioned as well by Paul Findley):


HANG THE BANKERS — US continues to cover up Israeli attack on
USS Liberty – June 10, 2012 By Jacque Fresco

“The survivors who have followed this story and published ample
material over the last 45 years know this subject best and I think
their accounts are very credible. It’s a cover up – a classic cover
up that betrays the American people,” Mr Lamb, based in Beirut,
told Press TV in an interview. (More:)


John McCain: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President
What Was John McCain’s True Wartime Record in Vietnam?

Cindy McCain also doesn’t care about Israel murdering American sailors & marines on the USS Liberty:

Cindy McCain on the USS LIBERTY COVERUP: “I don’t care about this issue.”

James Morris nailed ‘Neocon John’ McCain for being a neocon mouthpiece pushing the war for Israel agenda during the ‘Russia Today’ (RT) ‘Cross Talk’ broadcast linked via youtube near the beginning of the following URL as John McCain conveyed that it was okay for the US to fight wars for Israel as mentioned on page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book ( about how the neocons pushed US into the Iraq quagmire to secure the realm for Israel in accordance with their ‘Clean Break’ ( agenda which they pushing to expand to Syria and Iran (how many more Americans will have to die/get horribly wounded for such?!):


Israel lobby pushing Syrian regime change to weaken Iran:


Scroll down to the article about Mitt Romney appointing John McCain as his Secretary of Defense at the following URL:


Romney embraces the Israel 1st neocon warmongers:

McCain set to launch international think tank for interventionists

Sen. McCain deserves to be remembered for his longstanding service on Capitol Hill, especially for his supporting role to Sen. Joe Lieberman in promoting American involvement in wars for Israel.

Leadership 101 The John McCain Way (by Philip Giraldi):

See documentary (video) at following URL for how ‘Neocon John’ McCain is after Russia as well for the neocons:


Read how Israel first Joe Lieberman is going to be Romney’s Secretary of State in following article:


How William Kristol Purged the Arabists (by Patrick J. Buchanan):


Scroll down to the article at following URL which conveys that Romney is going to appoint Israel first neocon mouthpiece as his Secretary of Defense:

Romney Embraces the Neocons:

Israel über alles

Israel über alles

How William Kristol Purged the Arabists

How William Kristol Purged the Arabists

Posted By Patrick J. Buchanan On May 29, 2012 @ 4:24 am In | No Comments

After taping John Stossel’s show on March 16 in New York, the Mrs. and I took the 10 a.m. Acela back to Washington. Once we had boarded the train, who should come waddling up the aisle but Bill Kristol.

The Weekly Standard editor seemed cheerful, and we chatted about the surge in Mitt Romney’s popularity and prospects.

I did not ask what he had been doing in New York, but thanks to the website Mondoweiss [1], I found out. Kristol was there for a March 16 “debate” with Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street, the pro-Israel organization, at B’nai Jeshurun synagogue on the Upper West Side.

After listening to Kristol, writes Phil Weiss, “I am still reeling.”

“Kristol was treated like royalty and came off as … a Republican Party warlord,” bragging “about how all the hostile elements to Israel inside the Republican Party were purged over the last 30 years — (and) no one (now) dared to question the power of the Israeli lobby.”

“The big story in the Republican Party over the last 30 years, and I’m very happy about this,” said Kristol, is the “eclipsing” of the George H.W. Bush-James Baker-Brent Scowcroft realists [2], “an Arabist old-fashioned Republican Party … very concerned about relations with Arab states that were not friendly with Israel… .”

That Bush crowd is yesterday, said Kristol. And not only had the “Arabists” like President Bush been shoved aside by the neocons, the “Pat Buchanan/Ron Paul type” of Republican has been purged.

“At B’nai Jeshurun,” writes Weiss, “Kristol admitted to playing a role in expelling members of the Republican Party he does not agree with.” These are Republicans you had to “repudiate,” said Kristol, people “of whom I disapprove so much that I won’t appear with them.”

“I’ve encouraged that they be expelled or not welcomed into the Republican Party. I’d be happy if Ron Paul left. I was very happy when Pat Buchanan was allowed — really encouraged … by George Bush … to go off and run as a third-party candidate.”

Kristol’s point: Refuse to toe the neo-con line on Israel, and you have no future in the Republican Party.

Ben Ami seemed equally exultant: “We’ve won the war; we won the war,” he told the audience. Ninety-nine percent of Congress now votes almost 100 percent pro-Israel.

But Ben Ami appeared nervous about how this unanimity in the Congress behind Israel had been achieved:

“I very seriously and absolutely do believe that a significant percentage of American members of the House of Representatives and the Senate are intimidated on this issue (of Israel). … They worry about the ramifications of speaking out. … They are worried about the attacks that they will receive.”

Ben Ami said the 50 members who have criticized Israel are courageous, but, “Another 200 are scared to do it.” reports [3] Ben Ami as saying congressmen “live in fear” of the Israeli lobby.

Kristol laughed at this and dared Ben Ami to name them.

When Ben Ami brought up the destruction of Palestinian rights on the West Bank and said Hillary Clinton repeatedly raises this issue with Israel, writes Weiss, “Kristol sniggered.”

It’s a “myth,” said Kristol, that Arabs care about Palestinians. The Israeli occupation on the West Bank can last for 45 or 60 years more. Bill Kristol on Palestinian rights sounds like Bull Connor talking about Negro rights in Birmingham in 1965.

Another source says Kristol predicted that Sen. Joe Lieberman, whose voting record is closer to Socialist Bernie Sanders’ than to conservative Jim DeMint’s, will be secretary of state in the Romney administration.

A former head of the Israel lobby AIPAC describes Lieberman as “the No. 1 pro-Israel advocate and leader in the Congress.”

Joe led the cheers for our last three Middle East wars — and has pushed for two more, against Syria and Iran.

About Kristol’s comments, a point of personal privilege.

George W. Bush never “encouraged” me to go third party. At the Iowa straw poll in 1999, he asked me to stay in the party, and party chair Jim Nicholson came to my home to make the same request.

At the synagogue, Kristol was never asked about his role in the Iraq War that he and his collaborators pressured Bush to wage as “Israel’s fight against terrorism is our fight.”

Some 4,500 Americans died in that war, 35,000 were wounded, and 100,000 Iraqis perished, leaving half a million widows and orphans.

Result: U.S. influence in the Middle East is at a nadir. Al-Qaida has spread into Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, and North Africa.

Now the neocons are worming their way into the Romney camp, dropping us hints on whether John Bolton or Joe Lieberman will be the next secretary of state.

Has Gov. Romney imbibed the Kristol Kool-Aid that caused the war and cost the party Congress in 2006 and the presidency in 2008?

Hard to believe, but we should find out before November.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? [4] Copyright 2012

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[1] thanks to the website Mondoweiss:

[2] George H.W. Bush-James Baker-Brent Scowcroft realists:

[3] reports:

[4] Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?:

Terrorizing Through Lawfare

Terrorizing Through Lawfare

Posted By Philip Giraldi On May 23, 2012 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized | 17 Comments

On May 15, a Washington, D.C., court awarded $332 million in damages to an American family whose 16-year-old son was killed in a 2006 suicide bombing in Israel. The court determined that Syria was guilty and would have to pay the judgment because it supported the Palestinian group Islamic Jihad, which actually carried out the attack. The judgment against Damascus is perhaps no coincidence as Syria is currently on everyone’s enemy list, but the principle involved, that supporters of militant groups can be held legally responsible for the consequences of that support, is referred to as “lawfare.” The preeminent promoter of the use of lawfare is the Israeli group Shurat HaDin, which on its website describes how its various courtroom victories have made it the “bane of anti-Israel groups throughout the world.”

Shurat HaDin was in the forefront of opposition to the Gaza aid flotilla of 2011. It successfully pressured the Greek government to physically stop the boats from sailing and international insurers to deny coverage to the vessels involved. It sent warning letters to the U.K.- and U.S.-based global satellite company INMARSAT stating that it might be liable for massive damages and criminal prosecution if it provided communication services. The legal warning asserted that under U.S. law, INMARSAT and its officers would “be open to charges of aiding and abetting terrorism if it provides satellite services to the Gaza-bound ships.” It should be noted that the ships were completely and scrupulously legal, were breaking no laws, and were carrying humanitarian supplies that had been inspected. All passengers and crews had signed pledges of nonviolence.

Recently, Shurat HaDin has been threatening to use litigation on American university campuses. Its website explains that “the Law Center, through its American office, has begun to monitor the rampant anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in colleges and universities. It has informed the presidents of academic institutions that their schools could face civil and criminal liability for tolerating ‘an environment of intimidation and hostility’ that fails to protect Jewish and Israeli students against anti-Semitic harassment.”

Shurat HaDin, though an Israeli nongovernmental organization, is particularly active in the United States, exploiting the fact that American courts have proven willing to hear lawsuits directed against any terrorist group anywhere in the world even if no U.S. citizens are involved based on the principle that terrorism is an international crime. Existing terrorism legislation in the U.S. making it illegal to provide “material support” to any group designated as terrorist is itself lawfare, using deliberately vague language to justify nearly anything if a terrorist group is in any way involved or can plausibly be implicated. The law itself provides an elastic framework for litigation. Shurat HaDin’s intention is to silence any and all criticism of Israel, and, to do so, it works assiduously to connect governments and organizations to proscribed terrorist entities so they can be sued for damages. The intention is to use the legal weapon to tie up opponents. Many of the Shurat HaDin charges have proven to be frivolous, but those who are sued have to waste time and resources defending themselves, which is precisely what is intended.

For example, in January 2012, Shurat HaDin warned the landlord of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Washington and the Verizon telephone company that providing premises and services to the PLO was illegal and could lead to criminal prosecution. More recently, in April, Shurat HaDin advised the Israeli government that the so-called flytilla activists who intended to “fly-in” to Israel for a nonviolent protest should be arrested and prosecuted “to deter participants … from taking part in future ‘flytillas.’”This is precisely what the Israeli government subsequently did.

The lawfare concept was promoted by Air Force Deputy Judge Advocate General Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap following 9/11, even though the tactic of using law itself to circumvent restraints imposed by a constitutional government has been around for quite a while, having been developed by Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt in the 1930s. In its American version, lawfare was initially framed around taking the offensive against the largely progressive groups that were impeding executive prerogatives by arguing for due process for Guantanamo detainees and seeking to use existing international law to target senior government officials including Donald Rumsfeld and Ariel Sharon, who were widely regarded as war criminals.

The hypocrisy in suing Syria as “a state sponsor of terrorism”while actual sponsors of terrorist acts such as Israel and the United States are apparently immune from punishment through judicial process is striking. It all pretty much depends on who is calling whom a terrorist. It should be accepted that the Department of State’s annual Country Reports on Terrorism are essentially political documents, indicting countries and groups that the United States is seeking to demonize for one reason or another and excluding friends and allies who engage in the same or similar behavior. But once you are on the list, you are legally a terrorist, at least as far as the American judiciary is concerned.

Did Syria sponsor or carry out a terrorist act inside Israel in 2006? There is no evidence of that. Syria’s crime, according to the 2010 edition [.pdf] of the State Department report, is as follows: “The external leadership of Hamas, the Palestine Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine General Command, among others, were based in Damascus…. President Bashar al-Assad continued to express public support for Palestinian terrorist groups as elements of the resistance against Israel.”

So Assad allows various Palestinian resistance groups to have offices in Damascus and supports their cause. There is no suggestion that he is arming them or directing their attacks inside Israel. Syria is not unique by that yardstick, and many other Arab states that are American allies would endorse such activity. Compare that level of engagement with Israel’s assassination of Iranian scientists or its recruitment of Jundallah or Kurdish terrorists to carry out attacks inside Iran. These are actual terrorist attacks that kill people, but Israel is not on Washington’s state sponsors list.

One wonders what would happen if the family of a slain Iranian scientist were to sue the Israeli government for multi-million-dollar damages in a New York City or Washington, D.C., federal court. The scrambling by the Justice Department to avoid any involvement in such an action and make it go away would be quite entertaining to watch, and one can be sure that the case would be expeditiously dismissed by the presiding judge as“frivolous” or “without merit.” That’s referred to as “equal justice under law,” American-style. Or perhaps President Barack Obama would invoke the “state-secrets privilege” as he has done so often in the past to stop the process, conceding that anything involving Israel’s crimes is pretty much off limits, just like the torture, secret prisons, and illegal eavesdropping carried out by Washington.

Read more by Philip Giraldi

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