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USS Liberty Memorial Service Renews Calls of a Government Cover-Up

USS Liberty Memorial Service Renews Calls of a Government Cover-Up:

The USS Liberty Cover-Up: Paying Lip Service to George Washington

Guess who delivered Washington’s Farewell Address (see bottom of on February 16, 1987? Hint: Think USS Liberty cover-up.

Israel Attacked A US Navy Ship 45 Years Ago Killing Dozens Of Sailors — Survivors Want To Know Why–survivors-want-to-know-why-2012-6

Remembering the U.S.S. Liberty after 45 years

Iowa veterans honor 45th anniversary of USS Liberty attack

USS Liberty crew member recalls fatal ’67 US-Israeli skirmish

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@BryantJordan via Twitter: Few go to Arlington to remember the Liberty — and no politicians or DoD brass @PentagonPresSec @SECNAV @StateDept

VENTURA COUNTY STAR –  Opinion – by Bruce Marshall, Santa Paula
Another June 8 has come and gone without a whisper in the media of
the significance of the date, just as it has for the last 45 years.

Survivors have always believed the attack was intentional, rather
than accidental as was claimed, but the incident has been covered
up and officially forgotten.


HANG THE BANKERS — US continues to cover up Israeli attack on
USS Liberty – June 10, 2012 By Jacque Fresco

“The survivors who have followed this story and published ample
material over the last 45 years know this subject best and I think
their accounts are very credible. It’s a cover up – a classic cover
up that betrays the American people,” Mr Lamb, based in Beirut,
told Press TV in an interview. (More:)

US government betrayed Americans by covering up USS liberty attack


On Friday, June 8, 1967, three days after destroying the Egyptian air force in the early morning hours at the start of the war, the Israelis attacked, without warning, the USS Liberty, a lightly armed US Navy intelligence ship anchored offshore that was monitoring radio traffic, and murdered 34 US sailors and wounded 171 more in an attempt to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians while making sure the US did not hear Israel’s radio communications about its plans to seize Syria’s Golan Hts.


USS Liberty Survivor Larry Weaver was interviewed by the host of “What Really Happened?” Michael Rivero Wed. afternoon.  Larry has had more operations than any other survivor, can tell the Liberty story like no other, blood pressures everywhere go up, citizens angry at the way Larry has been treated!  (See Ron Kukal’s and Cat Faber’s email at: You can hear the program; it was recorded and added to “Recent Audio Interviews” on John Gidusko’s web page at: Mike Rivero’s upcoming schedule for the USS Liberty survivors’ interviews this week are: Phil Tourney & supporter James Morris Friday   6/8    1 PM Eastern LISTEN LIVE:

Survivor Phil Tourney’s guest on YOUR VOICE COUNTS! Saturday: Joe Lentini         Sat. 6/9   7PM Eastern LISTEN LIVE: