Jeff Blankfort: Israel threat to future of entire planet

Anti-Zionist Jew Jeffrey Blankfort (can hear his recent ‘Your Voice Counts’ interview with USS Liberty survivor Phillip Tourney via was spot on with the following:

Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:

At the moment it is time for those who have exclusively focused on the Israel-Palestine conflict to look at the bigger picture and see that Israel is a threat to the future of the entire planet. If the scenario outline in this article ( &  comes to pass, the gloves need to come off when dealing, politically, with those who allowed it to happen beginning with all but a handful of members of the US Congress, the operative word being treason, and the Zionists establishment being labeled for what it is, a fifth column that has worked to undermine what is left of our democracy.
While there are those who will still argue that the war on Iraq was not for Israel, if it comes to pass, there will be no question about this one. Having gotten away with the war on Iraq, thanks in no small part to the intellectual smokescreen provided by  Noam Chomsky, who must be considered one of Israel’s major domestic assets, both Israel and its US Fifth Column have been quite open this time around about who a war on Iran would benefit.
Jeff Blankfort


Jeffrey Blankfort also wrote:

These are very interesting times and I dare say no one can safely predict what is going to happen in the Middle East, although I think Netanyahu and Barak are so confident of their control over the US Congress that, short of a public warning from the White House which is not likely in the run up to the elections, they will take a chance and attack Iran, knowing that both houses of Congress will applaud and the talking heads from the Zionist think tanks who dominate the news programs will guide the public (the absolute dumbest in the developed or underdeveloped world!) into supporting Israel’s action come what may and, if necessary, push Obama into providing back-up air support. The rest of the world will blame the economic catastrophe that is likely to follow on Israel but, thanks to their control of Congress and the media, Israel will sail through it, though it may lose the support of Europe. Finkelstein doesn’t really know the American Jewish community. The dedicated sector, 20-30% is more pro-Israel than ever and the rest might as well be Protestants, Catholics or Buddhists for all the influence they have on US policy. (64% of the Jewish children in NY are ultra orthodox and the Hasidim have essentially taken over the state, getting money from the state for their schools and making church-state separation a joke). Also, the notion that The Lobby shapes US policy towards Israel and Palestine and not the rest of the Middle East is not only nonsense, it defies reason, since the policies cannot be separated. He must be the only person who doesn’t think that Israel and the The Lobby are setting our policy towards Iran.  The fact of the matter is that he really doesn’t know very much about it. Which is even more true for his mentor, Chomsky, who I consider to be one of the most important assets for Israel in the US since he has almost singlehandedly provided protective cover for The Lobby for the past 40 years , keeping the Palestine solidarity movement staring off into space instead of going after AIPAC and the Zio establishment which is now stronger than ever. Jeff


PS: Jeff Blankfort wrote the following Iraq war for Israel article:

A War for Israel

By way of deception Israel trying to drag US into war on Iran

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