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By way of deception Israel trying to drag US into war on Iran

ARTICLE  – “By way of deception Israel trying to drag US into war on Iran.”

SYNOPSIS – Jamal Kanj argues that “leaked” Israeli information on plans to attack Iran are intended to drag the USA into a new Middle East quagmire through committing aggression against Iran on the eve of the American presidential election.

A Truly Credible Military Threat to Iran (AIPAC associated Israel first Jewish neocon/Romney warmonger advisor Dan Senor mentioned):

Thin Red Line: Israel pushes US to greenlight Iran war

UK refuses to ‘violate international law’ but aid US in Iran strike prep?

NYPD concern about ‘Iran terror’ should put U.S. security on alert

In light of Patrick Clawson’s thinly-veiled call for a false flag attack to trigger another Middle East war for Israel, a story in yesterday’s New York Post entitled “NYPD on alert for Iran terror” should be of major concern to those charged with protecting U.S. national security.

Netanyahu Backs Off on Iran

Obama dismisses Israel’s calls for red lines on Iran’s nuclear program as ‘noise’

NDAA Authorizes War Against Iran

Netanyahu brings fears about Iran to UN

Obama threatens Iran in UN speech: 

The US and Iran on a dead end path to war?

Ex-CNN reporter: US media forcing American public to approve of war on Iran

NYT Caught Lying about Iran & IAEA Report on Civilian Nuclear Program

Halting the March to War

Israel lobbyist hints that ‘Pearl Harbor’ may be needed to get US into war with Iran

Revoke Netanyahu’s Free Pass to Sell Another War for Israel:

De Borchgrave: Romney Would Stand Behind Israel in Pre-emptive Strike

Neocon Republican Mitt Romney pushing world world three for Israel!:

Iran may launch pre-emptive strike on Israel, conflict could grow into WWIII – senior commander

Rand Paul stands alone against Senate’s ‘preemptive war’ resolution for Iran

Former Mossad head Meir Dagan said airstrikes against Iranian nuclear facilities could be disastrous for Israel:

Following article says US Special Forces may already be on the ground in Iran (keep in mind that Special Forces were also in Iraq before that war started but Obama may have had them inserted to keep Netanyahu ‘happy’ before the election but having Special Forces on the ground is another act of war against Iran too):

Who’s Sabotaging Iran’s Nukes?.–politics.html

‘Both US & Israel preparing options for Iran strike’

US & UK lead Hormuz power play as Israel’s Iran strike rhetoric rises

Israel better not pull another USS Liberty to get US into Iran war!: &

U.S., Israel still at odds over Iran “red line”

‘US will strike Iran in early 2013’ – former American ambassador to Israel who is associated with AIPAC:

Ex-ambassador to Israel: U.S. will go to war with Iran in 2013:

Israeli warmonger pushing Obama into war with Iran

Netanyahu: Obama Has No Moral Right to Stop Israel from Iran:

The boy who cried nuke: Netanyahu has been saying Iran is “close” to having nukes since 1992 …

White House declines Netanyahu request to meet with Obama

Netanyahu rift with U.S. a hot topic in Israel

Many Israelis oppose the idea of a go-it-alone strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened, and see deadlines set by the United States as a possible solution.

Israel’s New Secret Weapon Unveiled

Ahmadinejad DID NOT threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Ahmadinejad Embraces the Jews! Rejects Zionism!

Iran could strike US bases if Israel attacks: Hezbollah

Anthony Cordesman on what it would take for the U.S. to set back (not destroy) Iran’s nuclear program:

US talks tough to Iran only to restrain Israel – report

USS STENNIS, USS EISENHOWER, USS ENTERPRISE converge on IRAN! Pay attention! This is real and very serious


Israel better not pull another USS Liberty to get US into Iran war!: &

Israel reserves right to decide on military strike on Iran: DM


U.S. General Dempsey says he does not want to be ‘complicit’ in Israeli attack on Iran – Haaretz

Top US military commander: ‘I don’t want to be complicit’ if Israel attacks Iran

U.S. Greatly Reduces Participation in Joint Drill with Israel

‘Israel drops Iran-attack hints to US’ – Gareth Porter to RT: 

What Bibi Wants (to drag US into war with Iran):

Israel to attack Iran before US election in November – media report

Military Muppet: TV character urges Israelis to prepare for strike on Iran

Iran strike a done deal? Israel prepares citizens for war

‘Military attack on Iran suicidal for Israel’

Mearsheimer and Zakheim Discuss “Why Iran Should Get the Bomb”

U.S. would join Israeli strike on Iran: American officials   2012-08-14 02:44:49

JERUSALEM, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) — The United States would support Israel in the event that the latter decides to independently attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Ma’ariv daily reported Monday, citing messages recently conveyed from top American officials.

A series of clandestine messages relayed by both Republican and Democratic officials suggest that U.S. President Barack Obama would be forced to join Israel if it were to launch a military operation against Iran prior to the U.S. presidential election in November, Ma’ariv said.

Read more:

Neoconned Israel 1st GOP senators plan resolution promising support should Israel strike Iran

The Babylonian Captivity of Washington: Israel Can Start a War and the US Can do Nothing to Stop It (scroll down to Philip Giraldi’s mention of how US media isn’t reporting US military concern about Israel dragging US into war with Iran if Israel attacks Iran in following article as Mitt Romney and the Israel first neoconned GOP is mentioned near the end):

The Urgent Need to Prevent a Middle East War (by Patrick Seale)

The Human Cost of War on Iran:


Is There a Way Beyond Israeli Madness?

Jeff Blankfort: Israel threat to future of entire planet


Baiting the Bear (by Philip Giraldi)

Baiting the Bear (by Philip Giraldi)

NED-funded NGO supports Pussy Riot