Mainstream Media HIDING Fact that rising gas prices direct result of US-Israel

Mainstream Media HIDING the FACT that rising gas prices are the DIRECT result of US-Israel threatening war on Iran!

Saturday, October 6, 2012 10:23 AM

From: “Wendy Campbell”

Hi All,

My mainstream newspaper owned by media conglomerate the Gannett Corporation printed on the front page today the news that gas prices are rocketing and there is a shortage of gas.

They FAILED to mention the REASON WHY that is: US-Israel government(s) basically declaring war on Iran!

But the “Powers that Be” in “our” media and in “our” government (both dominated by Israel-firsters almost 100% due to a craven lust for personal power & money at the expense of other people’s lives) are willfully IN DENIAL mode right now because IF AMERICANS KNEW that our gas prices will continue to spike up as a result of this war-mongering against Iran, then OF COURSE the AMERICAN PEOPLE will DEMAND that there be NO WAR AGAINST IRAN.

Even rightwinger columnist who has a syndicated article in the local paper Bill O’Reilly says if the US-Israel attacks Iran, gas prices could double up to $8/gallon!

F*ck Israel! It’s a racist, apartheid, ethnic-cleansing, artificially propped up colonial experiment that needs to be completely dismantled anyway and replaced with a TRUE democracy and it WON’T be a “Jewish state”– the Jews have NO RIGHT to created a Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land while dispossessing non-Jews.  NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER!

This scenario of lines at gas stations with shortages of gas and soaring gas prices happened before.

In 1973!

Yes, and the mainstream media to this day IGNORES that.

You know why?

You guessed it.  Once again, they are PROTECTING JEWISH INTERESTS at the EXPENSE of the interests of the American people!  They do NOT want Americans to be aware of how support for “the Jewish state” of Israel is downright HURTING American people and their interests.  Support for the rogue state of Israel has a very negative impact on Americans in every way.

In 1973, there was the Yom Kippur War, whereby Egpyt attacked Israel in a retaliatory war because Israel had stolen Egyptian territory in the Sinai Peninsula during the Six Day War in 1967, a pre-emptive war that Israel launched against all its neighboring countries in order to take over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, (both known as the Palestinian Territories, although Israel/Zionists call them “disputed territories” conveniently enough for them of course), and the Golan Heights of Syria, all of which Israel still occupies illegally to this day.

I wrote an article about this a few years ago that you might want to check out at:

Where is the OUTRAGE amongst “our” politicians about PROTECTING the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S INTERESTS by NOT attacking Iran?!!

You guessed it! Too many of them are actually AFRAID to say anything about this because it would be considered “anti-Semitic” and “career suicide” to confront and challenge the Zionists/Israel-firsters amidst us!

To confront people like Netanyahu and other Israelis and Israel-firsters takes a lot of courage!

Thank GOD for Obama who is not perfect but at least he did snub Netanyahu when he was last here a few weeks ago.  That takes cajones!

Anyway, WE the PEOPLE must speak out against war on Iran and against any sort of support for “the Jewish state” Israel since it is committing genocide, ethnic-cleansing, apartheid, dispossession of and discrimination against non-Jews and it is simply NOT WORTHY of any kind of American support!

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Pro-Israel lobby pushing Iran sanctions to brink of war causing gas prices to soar as a result!:

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