Did Israel Honey Trap David Petraeus?

With the breaking news on General Petraeus (http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/cia-chief-petraeus-resigns-reportedly-over-affair-201305343–politics.html) you might be interested in taking a look at the Mondoweiss.net link (at the following New Statesman article) which broke the story about  email exchanges with David Petraeus which US mainstream media ignored as well (as also mentioned on Press TV via http://tinyurl.com/proisraelbiasedmedia & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEtASJOjDU8).


General Petraeus Leaked Emails about Israel:



Broadwell scandal not the first time Petraeus was sloppy with email — in 2010 he leaked his own emails scheming with neocon Max Boot:



I just heard former AIPAC newsletter editor Wolf Blitzer and neocon advocate Fran Townsend (of George W. Bush administration) both endorse (on CNN) Jane Harman to become the next CIA Director (she was confronted at a townhall meeting in Los Angeles a few years ago about the wiretap which overheard her telling AIPAC that she would do her best to get the AIPAC espionage case dismissed if AIPAC helped her to become chair of the House Intelligence Committee so she is hardly the best candidate to become the next head of the CIA – I wonder if Petraeus was honey trapped by the Israelis and/or AIPAC to get him replaced by an Israel firster like Jane Harmon after he conveyed via CENTCOM that US support for Israel was a threat to US troops as was conveyed on Press TV as well via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEtASJOjDU8):


Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC



Jane Harman and Israeli Spying:


The additional section at the end of the paperback version of James Bamford’s ‘A Pretext for War’ book discussed the AIPAC espionage case as does the following article by him as well for ‘Rolling Stone’:


Iran: The Next War:




Bamford discussed the ‘Clean Break’ (war for Israel agenda that the Iraq invasion was based on) in ‘A Pretext for War’ as can be seen via http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak as well!


911 Motive & Media Betrayal: http://tinyurl.com/911motivemediabetrayal

Romney pushed the neocon war for Israel agenda vs Syria & Iran:


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  • TopHuggles says:

    Of course Paula Kranz Broadwell was a honey trap. She appealed to Petraeus’s vanity by writing his biography.

    Why the US allows these fifth columnists to get educated in their war colleges and then insinuate themselves to the top brass I don’t know. Maybe it was a nefarious “Islamofascist” plot, LOL!!!!

  • This entire story is fake, a clever fabrication by U.S. government terrorists. Do you REALLY believe the FBI has the power to oust a CIA Director? Gimme a break. I don’t believe that’s possible. If they tried they would be KILLED by CIA hit teams. The FBI are low level grunt dogs compared to CIA and NSA.

    You people have been duped once again by government terrorists and their media accomplices. You poor dumb mongrels believe everything your told by Pentagon TV experts.

    That’s why your beat without a fight.

  • Les Jamieson says:

    Folks,as it were saieth in the Urantia Book:Onward Christian Soldiers!

    To make us believe that Petraeus was on the anti-Israel payroll they would have us think that they were NOT up to something nefarious.

    We know better than to trust the Mossad and the Israelis in any way shape or form.



    Hey, if you don’t go along with sinister Zionist. They got a plan for you too! “If you’r in the position authority and POWER. Look what they did to Bill Clinton. Do you remember that “Monica/Clinton” mess. As you probably remember too Clinton was very interested Historic Peace initiative with palestinians and Jews. But he said:
    Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process.
    So you got the point? Mosad got lots of little traps that even smartest man gets the bait.
    But ultimately, when the wheels of planetary KARMA will turn, no man or woman will be able to stand in the way of DIVINE DESTINY. Bugs and fly’s will be gone out of the Earth.

  • Walter says:

    The considered view is firming in certain places that the Benghazi attack was organized by Mossad (who along with certain other guilty parties, have a bad track record (9/11 airport stand asides and orchestration) and in combination with a film of dubious origin and motivation (wonder what effect that would have on excitable,emotional arabs) was engineered as a an effort to swing the election to Mr. Obama’s oponent, who no doubt has spent a good deal of time like Mr. G.W. Bush in war planning before the election. The squawking from sayanim Rep. Peter King and Diane Feinstein lends massive weight to this view.

  • truth says:

    The woman’s maiden name is Kranz which is Jewish and she has connections with CFR type organizations and has done studies in Israel. The “controlled” media portrays her as a journalist yet she has an education and all her work experience is in high level foriegn affairs, peace relations, middle eastern negotiations etc. She is 99% chance a paid spy for Israel. Maybe 1% chance an unpaid spy! lol Or maybe she works directly for Zbig or red shield lol!

  • FTChannel7 says:

    Good report
    Seems the white goyim general wasn’t doing a good enuf job 4 the jews,
    now they want to replace him with,
    Jane Harmen is a dual citizen, loyal to the terrorist state of Israel, last year she bought Newsweek for a dollar w/ her jew husband
    She is not only aiding Israeli spies, but she is also the one who wrote the H.R. 1955 bill. HR 1955 is the bill that allows them(zog) to label any of us as being “homegrown terrorists” and then imprisoned or murdered (“disappear”) without any due process once they attach that label to us.

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