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UN votes overwhelmingly FOR Palestinian statehood

UN votes overwhelmingly FOR Palestinian statehood! Now they can potentially charge Israel with war crimes through ICC:

U.N. Approval of Palestine as “Non-Member State” Shows Isolation of U.S., Israel Stance on Statehood

US and Israel Complain Over Historic UN Vote on Palestine

EU taking a firm stance on Israeli settlements:

Australian PM under fire for stance on Palestine UN upgrade

Palestine can now sue Israel for illegal occupation’:

Now that Palestine has been granted statehood, they can charge Israel with war crimes under the ICC:

The AIPAC Smack: The Jewish lobby in the USA uses false terminology and threatens the future of Palestine as much as ever:

For first time, Britain, France may recall ambassadors to protest Israel’s settlement construction

Israeli Terror: The “Final Solution” to the Palestine Question

Must Watch Abby Martin ‘Breaking the Set’ interviews with Jimmy Carter & William Blum:

Check out Abby Martin confront Netanyahu spokesman on Israel aggression in Gaza & disproportionate murder of civilians:

Israel threatened RT in attempt to hide truth, Abby Martin wipes the floor with Israel’s attacks on Journalists:

Can also watch RT via and their youtube channel via

#BreakingTheSet’s @AbbyMartin let rip in the face of pro-Israeli propaganda like every TV journalist needs to:

RT’s Abby Martin : Israel’s War on Truth

See following AIPAC documentary!:

The Israel Lobby: