Obama Nominates Pro-Zionist John Kerry as Next Secretary of State

Kerry ducks question about Israel’s illegal settlements


When Kerry was Kohn: The Jewish roots of John Kerry

The new nominee for secretary of state only found out about his Jewish grandfather while running in the 2004 presidential election.


ADL: Throughout his Senate career, Mr. Kerry has consistently been an effective advocate for Israel’s security in a dangerous region and demonstrated his commitment to fighting against anti-Semitism and bigotry all over the world.  He has traveled to Israel many times, and his first visit to Israel was as part of an ADL Congressional Mission in May 1986. He is a staunch champion of the cause of civil rights and human dignity, and was an outstandingly powerful leader in the Jewish people’s struggle to free Soviet Jewry.


Dr. Stephen Sniegoski (author of ‘The Transparent Cabal: http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal) wrote the following:


I am going to be on a radio show this evening and I thought I should have something to say about John Kerry, the apparent new Secretary of State designate.  I wrote an article about him in 2004 which is quite revealing—he was for the Iraq war, so close to John McCain that he wanted him for his VP, ultra-pro-Israel, supporting Israel’s settlements on the West Bank, and he is actually half-Jewish.

From my article:

In the case of John Kerry, we must consider an additional factor: he is half-Jewish himself. Both of his paternal grandparents were ethnic Jews from the Austrian Empire who converted to Catholicism before emigrating to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. Kerry’s grandfather changed the family name from Kohn to Kerry. If John Kerry wins the election, he will be the first U.S. president of Jewish ancestry. [59]


Interestingly, Kerry’s younger brother Cameron converted to Judaism in 1983 when he married a Jewish woman, Kathy Weinman, who like the rest of her family is active in the Jewish community. “Judaism is central to us,” says Kathy Weinman. “Judaism is a core of my life and important to our family.” [60]


Cameron Kerry is not just a converted Jew; he is also a prominent lawyer for a major Boston law firm, Mintz Levin, that represents many high-profile Israeli business interests. [61] Cameron is said to be John Kerry’s closest advisor, having played a role in all his brother’s political efforts from the very beginning in 1972, when Kerry lost a bid for Congress.


“If someone is trying to get something done with John Kerry, very often they go to Cam,” observes George Butler, who has known the Kerrys for more than thirty years and is producing a documentary on the presidential campaign. Cameron Kerry raises a lot of money for his brother, and his fellow lawyers at Mintz Levin have contributed almost a quarter million dollars for the Kerry campaign. [62] During the Democratic primaries, Cameron helped arrange meetings between his brother and key Jewish leaders, and Cameron has continued to be the campaign’s “link man” to the American Jewish community. In July 2004, John Kerry sent his brother to Israel to meet with top Israeli officials, in a trip arranged by AIPAC, Israel’s ultra-powerful lobby.





Steve Sniegoski


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