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The CIA Is Not Too Happy with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

The CIA Is Not Too Happy with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’:

If our country goes down it will be because of the US media not conveying the truth about why we were tragically attacked on 911 (which was also used to go into Iraq by Cheney and company with their lies about Saddam associated with Al Qaeda) and has basically shredded the Bill of Rights – see what was written seven years ago at the top of as well. Look (via above link) how Hollywood is now trying to basically validate Israeli inspired torture (introduced by Cheney and his neocon friends) in the ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ film instead of conveying the truth as to why we were attacked on 911 (and earlier at the World Trade Center in 1993) as I noticed that C-SPAN’s ‘Washington Journal’ hasn’t had Michael Scheuer back on (to my information) after his excellent response to the call for him via as that was on the anniversary of 911 last year – look how Dan Rather left out mention of Israel near the end).

But one just has to read the following piece to see who runs the show with Hollywood too: