Defending Hagel, Hayes & Greenwald assail neocon stranglehold on policy

Chuck Hagel To Be Nominated As Secretary Of Defense: Reports

Hagel Nomination, Israel and the Neocons:

Israel first neocon mouthpieces John McCain and Lindsay Graham filibuster Hagel!:

Hagel filibuster wrap:

Reid schedules vote to end debate on Hagel nomination!:–election.html

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Hagel  Nominated: What’s the Big Deal?:

( It’s official! The President nominated (  Chuck Hagel for the next Secretary of Defense yesterday despite the outcry  and campaign launched against Hagel by a small fringe group. Why all the  interest in Chuck Hagel’s nomination? Hagel is actually a reasonable and  levelheaded candidate for the post, an old school Republican who had the  courage to break with the Republican Party during the Iraq War. The former  Senator is a proponent of bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, and  doesn’t think it’s a smart move to push the U.S. into war with Iran, or  anyone else for that matter. Oh, and he also doesn’t think U.S. foreign  policy should be dictated by Israel or the Israeli lobby. Republican  Senator Lindsey Graham went as far as calling Hagel “the most antagonistic  defense secretary towards the state of Israel in our nation’s history.”  Yes, we don’t see the controversy in saying we should dictate our own  foreign policy either. Leading up to the nomination, some neocons have  been busy pushing a media campaign against Hagel. Bill Kristol and the  Emergency Committee for Israel yesterday _purchased_ (  the Chuck Hagel domain ( in an extension of their  despicable campaign against Hagel, branding him as anti-Semitic and  anti-Israel, and encouraging constituents to lobby their Senators to block  Hagel’s confirmation. Incredible, isn’t it? President Obama should be  applauded for supporting Hagel as his top choice for Secretary of Defense  in spite of the manufactured controversy. By supporting the decorated  Vietnam combat veteran, Obama sent a clear message to Congress that the  discourse on US military intervention is changing, and maybe even the  knee-jerk pro-Israel dogma. Ask us again after he is  confirmed.

Petition: Nominate Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense — and fight for his

Defending Hagel, Hayes & Greenwald assail neocon stranglehold on policy

Hagel Gets a Sensitivity Litmus Test From the Neocon Press!

Why the War Party Fears Hagel (by Patrick J. Buchanan)

DEBORCHGRAVE Commentary: Hagel and the Israeli lobby:

Don’t Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel:

With conventional wisdom solidifying behind Hagel, will Obama finally declare on ‘Meet the Press?’

Israeli Agents of Influence determined that Chuck Hagel not serve in Cabinet. He is unbought: The Hagel Haters:

The wrong way to defend Chuck Hagel from neoconservative smears

Kristol Launches the Neo-Con Campaign to Stop Hagel

Demand Diplomacy Advocate Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense

Chuck Hagel and the Neocon Smear Machine

Neocons against Chuck Hagel: The Independent Senator Who Wouldn’t Genuflect

Defending Hagel, Hayes & Greenwald assail neocon stranglehold on policy

Opposition to Hagel appointment unites pro-Israel advocates, women’s groups, Republicans

Possible Hagel pick raises concerns in (AIPAC/neocon owned) Senate GOP:–politics.html

The Paranoid Style of the Israel Lobby vs Chuck Hagel
Obama’s Hagel Test:


What’s at stake in the Hagel affair? Walt: The real meaning of the Hagel affair is what it says about the climate inside Washington. Simply put, the question is whether supine and reflexive support for all things Israeli remains a prerequ…isite for important policy positions here in the Land of the Free. Given America’s track record in the region in recent decades, you’d think a more open debate on U.S. policy would be just what the country needs, both for its own sake and for Israel’s. But because the case for the current “special relationship” of unconditional support is so weak, the last thing that hardliners like Bill Kristol or Elliot Abrams want is an open debate on that subject. If Hagel gets appointed, it means other people in Washington might realize they could say what they really think without fear that their careers will be destroyed. And once that happens, who knows where it might lead? It might even lead to a Middle East policy that actually worked! We wouldn’t want that now, would we?:


General (Ret) Jim David (who is mentioned on the cover of Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the Israel lobby on the US political system and media) wrote the following:

There doesn’t even need to be a Senate confirmation hearing to decide on Hagel’s selection.  The decision is already made.  Now who will Obama select?  John Bolton would be someone who Israel would approve, meaning a certain Senate approval.
Israel supporters have come out against the possible nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel for the Secretary of Defense post – and this isn’t a first.

‘Pro-Israel lobby has a strong stranglehold on US political system’

Press TV Talks to James Morris on Republican CNN debate about Ron Paul on Iran as GOP should purge neocon warmongers:

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