Why the War Party Fears Hagel

Why the War Party Fears Hagel (by Patrick J. Buchanan)



Hagel Nomination, Israel and the Neocons:



Israel first neocon mouthpieces John McCain and Lindsay Graham filibuster Hagel!:


Hagel filibuster wrap:


Reid schedules vote to end debate on Hagel nomination!:


Report: Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel


The Hagel Hearings:

Defense Secretary nominee Hagel squares off against McCain and Lindsay Graham 


Leon Panetta attacks senators’ questioning of Chuck Hagel at hearing

Outgoing defense secretary ‘disappointed’ by combative questions from Republicans who focused on Israel and Iraq war


Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel’s defense


Hagel obeyed Senate taboo against criticism of Israel– ‘our most important ally in the entire world’


DEBORCHGRAVE Commentary: Hagel and the Israeli lobby:


Its All about Israel (by Philip Giraldi)


Obama’s Purpose for Picking Hagel



Secret Donors Finance Fight Against Hagel


Israel and the nomination of Chuck Hagel (USS Liberty mentioned)


Has Kirk’s Office Been Running a Secret Anti-Hagel Campaign?


Don’t Let Pro-Israel Extremists Sink Chuck Hagel:


The Neocons vs. Chuck Hagel


Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel


Neocon Nightmare: The Truth Behind the Attacks on Chuck Hagel


Bill Kristol’s big plans start with Chuck Hagel nomination


Hagel  Nominated: What’s the Big Deal?: 

It’s official! The President nominated
(http://www.aaiusa.org/page/m/4b660335/1ba9c8e8/8ce10b9/1c4e1ffa/305801512/VEsEBw/)  Chuck Hagel for the next
Secretary of Defense yesterday despite the outcry  and campaign launched
against Hagel by a small fringe group. Why all the  interest in Chuck Hagel’s
nomination? Hagel is actually a reasonable and  levelheaded candidate for
the post, an old school Republican who had the  courage to break with the
Republican Party during the Iraq War. The former  Senator is a proponent of
bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, and  doesn’t think it’s a smart move
to push the U.S. into war with Iran, or  anyone else for that matter. Oh,
and he also doesn’t think U.S. foreign  policy should be dictated by Israel
or the Israeli lobby. Republican  Senator Lindsey Graham went as far as
calling Hagel “the most antagonistic  defense secretary towards the state of
Israel in our nation’s history.”  Yes, we don’t see the controversy in saying
we should dictate our own  foreign policy either. Leading up to the
nomination, some neocons have  been busy pushing a media campaign against Hagel. Bill
Kristol and the  Emergency Committee for Israel yesterday _purchased_
(http://www.aaiusa.org/page/m/4b660335/1ba9c8e8/8ce10b9/1c4e1ff9/305801512/VEsEBg/)  the Chuck Hagel domain (chuckhagel.com) in an extension of their  despicable campaign against Hagel, branding him as anti-Semitic and  anti-Israel,
and encouraging constituents to lobby their Senators to block  Hagel’s
confirmation. Incredible, isn’t it? President Obama should be  applauded for
supporting Hagel as his top choice for Secretary of Defense  in spite of the
manufactured controversy. By supporting the decorated  Vietnam combat veteran,
Obama sent a clear message to Congress that the  discourse on US military
intervention is changing, and maybe even the  knee-jerk pro-Israel dogma. Ask
us again after he is  confirmed.

CFR’s Elliott Abrams Smears Chuck Hagel on NPR


Listen to former Israeli minister tell Amy Goodman’s ‘Democracy Now’ how Israel firsters used the ‘anti-Semitic’ trick to suppress criticism of Israel: http://tinyurl.com/zionisttrick

Hagel Gets a Sensitivity Litmus Test From the Neocon Press!


US must get Israel’s approval before getting Senate confirmation:


The Paranoid Style of the Israel Lobby vs Chuck Hagel


U.S. Middle East policy motivated by pro-Israel lobby


The Israel Lobby (Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson mentioned ‘Jewish Lobby’ in following youtube as well):


Petition: Nominate Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense — and fight for his nomination



GOP Needs to purge Israel 1st Neocon warmongers and their mouthpieces like John McCain, Lindsay Graham and others!:



Israel lobby pushing Syrian regime change to weaken Iran!:


War Deterrent? Iran peaceful, drills aim to confront West threats

Just saw following tweet and heard such mentioned on CNN (on Wolf Blitzer’s ‘Situation Room’) as well (so perhaps Obama will prove us wrong and might defy the Israel lobby!), but neocon mouthpieces like John McCain (http://tinyurl.com/jamesmorrisoncrosstalk), Lindsay Graham and others oppose his nomination if it comes next week!:
Vaughn Sterling CNN‏ @vplus
The White House has told members of Congress to expect Hagel nomination. Gloria Borger will be live on @CNN with more in a moment.

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