The Neocons vs. Chuck Hagel

The Neocons vs. Chuck Hagel

Hagel Nomination, Israel and the Neocons:

Hagel and Friends of Hamas: How a Joke Went Wrong:

Israel first neocon mouthpieces John McCain and Lindsay Graham filibuster Hagel!:

Hagel filibuster wrap:

Reid schedules vote to end debate on Hagel nomination!:–election.html

Report: Hagel Said State Department Controlled by Israel

The Hagel Hearings:

Defense Secretary nominee Hagel squares off against McCain and Lindsay Graham

Unaired SNL Rehearsal: Parody of Chuck Hagel Hearings

Leon Panetta attacks senators’ questioning of Chuck Hagel at hearing

Outgoing defense secretary ‘disappointed’ by combative questions from Republicans who focused on Israel and Iraq war

Hagel offers himself as secretary of Israel’s defense

Hagel obeyed Senate taboo against criticism of Israel– ‘our most important ally in the entire world’

Jeff Blankfort wrote: I watched this yesterday and the rest of the morning’s predictable inquisition, knowing that Hagel would cave and also knowing that thanks to the Zionist control both over the media as well as the so-called Palestine solidarity movement that Graham and the other traitorous scum that make up the US senate will get away with it with their kneecaps intact, just as their predecessors have gotten away with toadying to Israel for years. The notion that Obama’s nomination of Hagel was a defeat for the Lobby should have been put to rest. Even if Hagel gets the job, which is not guaranteed, he is damaged goods.

For those who don’t think that the Zionists exert control over the solidarity movement, I suggest you observe the silence regarding yesterday’s inquisition that will be coming from those quarters. Today, Amy Goodman on Democracy Now thought the death of the odious Israel-First ex-NY Mayor Ed Koch was more important and limited her report on the Hagel hearing to two soundbites without analysis. Ironically, one of the last pieces that Koch wrote was an attack on Hagel. Koch’s affinity for Israel went unmentioned by Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Its All about Israel (by Philip Giraldi)

Obama’s Purpose for Picking Hagel

Secret Donors Finance Fight Against Hagel

Israel and the nomination of Chuck Hagel (USS Liberty mentioned)

Hawks on Iraq Prepare for War Again, Against Hagel

Neocon Nightmare: The Truth Behind the Attacks on Chuck Hagel

Why the War Party Fears Hagel:

GOP Should purge Neocon warmongers and their mouthpieces like John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Ted Cruz and others!:

Read page 112 of Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book (  which conveys how John McCain told a group of Israel firsters that it was okay for US to fight wars for Israel like Iraq as he tries to get the US to fight another war for Israel vs Syria (see & for how traitors John McCain and his admiral Father betrayed USS Liberty Navy Vets for Israel as well)!:

Israel Lobby Pushing Syrian Regime Change to Weaken Iran!:

Neocon mouthpiece Lindsay Graham needs to watch the following ‘The Israel Lobby’ VPRO documentary (linked at

The Israel Lobby (even Colin Powell’s former assistant Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson called it the Jewish lobby like Hagel did):

Additional at

Listen to former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer on how Israel is a threat to US troops via following youtube:

9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal:

9/11 was to punish U.S. for Israel policy: Philip Zelikow 9/11 Commission Exec. Dir.

The Real 9/11 Conspiracy: Traitorous 9/11 Commissioners Served Israel Agenda


6 Responses to “The Neocons vs. Chuck Hagel”

  • Jim David says:

    Readers write, Jan. 30 |

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Readers write, Jan. 30
    Hagel right to stand up to pro-Israel lobbyists
    It seems that former senator Chuck Hagel will have a difficult time getting Senate confirmation as secretary of defense. The Israeli lobby is doing its best to attack him, due largely to some criticism he made toward Israel.
    Personally, I agree with Hagel’s criticism of Israel and only wish more politicians had the nerve to do the same. After all, what gives Israel freedom from criticism? If you look at the situation in the Middle East, it’s the Israelis who are taking Palestinian land and building illegal settlements.
    Shielding Israel from criticism, as the U.S. has done over the decades, is the major reason for the continued unrest in the Middle East. It’s time for a change. Hagel is the right choice.

  • David Evans says:

    Thus is the power of Zionists embedded in the US. Zionists have used false charges of anti-Semitism since before Israel was founded in order to crush discussion about Israel’s criminal expansion and murderous behavior. Google: Democracy Now Its A Trick We Always Use It.
    Also google Peace Propaganda And The Promised Land for examples of Zionist-owned US media cover-up of the ugly thruths about Israel.Here’s a pictorial representation of what Israel has done alll too regularly as it continues stealing ever more Palestinian land with impunity, and ruthlessly murders or cages those who are in the way: http://desertpeace.wordpress.c
    While Zionists would deem this post by me “anti-Semitism”, it is not. It is merely truth. Are the following people antiSemites?

  • David Evans says:

    For more than six decades Palestinians have suffered invasion of and ethnic cleansing of their pastoral lands in Palestine by European converted Jews with no legitimate connection to the land. Those who defend against the continuing illegal encroachment and illegal occupation by Israel’s huge US-supplied and funded military power are deemed by Western Zionist-controlled media, “terrorists” when they resist. They are murdered and arrested along with thousands of other Palestinians, regularly and with impunity as Israel continues building ever-more Jewish-only neighborhoods on land that they’ve (Palestinian Christians, Muslims, Druze and others) resided in and owned for centuries.

    For a synopsis of what the Conflict is about, please see this video of a former IDF officer, the son of a famous Israeli general:…

    Also see this map for a quick visual:

  • Jim David says:

    When it comes to personal greed be it building prestige or accumulating wealth, there are no Party lines for betrayal of one’s honor, patriotism, constituencies, or Oath of Office.

    AIPAC channels millions of dollars in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office through a network of political action committees established throughout the United States by members of AIPAC’s national board of directors.

    Only Senator and top Zionist Joe Leiberman received more AIPAC campaign contributions last year than Senator John McCain. Is it any wonder that AIPAC has full control of these Senators? This is just one more example how Israel controls our government and one more reason the United States is no longer respected all over the world.
    Here are AIPAC campaign contributions to congressmen, highest first, full list at link…

    Top Senate Recipients Funded

    Joseph Lieberman $1,226,956
    John McCain $750,368

  • Paulina says:

    RP was not totally sold… But considering the climate… acceptable. Ron Paul: “Many who object to our continued foreign policy of endless war and empire overseas feel encouraged by Obama’s choice of Senator Hagel to head the Defense Department. Hagel has shown some admirable willingness to advise caution overseas. He is seen as unenthusiastic over the prospects of a US war on Iran, which is certainly to be welcomed. But let us not forget that he did vote for the war against Iraq, he has expressed support for multi-lateral sanctions on Iran, and last year he wrote in the Washington Post that, on Iran, he supports “keeping all options on the table, including the use of military force.”
    “Nevertheless because he does represent a more moderate voice in foreign policy than the neo-conservatives can tolerate, they are dragging his name through the mud. In choosing Hagel, then, we can hope the president is signaling that he will pursue a less aggressive foreign policy in his second term. But we cannot count on it.”

  • David Evans says:

    Hagel is the only thread of hope, as Obama’s second choice, Michelle Flourney is co-founder of CNAS, a thinly-veiled Zionist front that intends on using US troops on the ground in Israel-Palestine, something Israel would welcome, as US troops would soon become embroiled inextricably on Israel’s side.

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