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John McCain: War Hero or Something Less? (by Philip Giraldi)

John McCain: War Hero or Something Less? (by Philip Giraldi) – click on ‘Discuss’ link at bottom to read comments:

American Pravda: When “Tokyo Rose” Ran for President

What Was John McCain’s True Wartime Record in Vietnam?:

Vietnam Veterans against John McCain

John McCain confronted on Memorial Day about ongoing USS Liberty cover-up and Media Accomplices: & &

See comments about Israel first traitor John McCain at bottom of following article:

Liberty Survivors Invoke Benghazi, Demand Hearings:

WHY McCain doesn’t want to talk: –

There are Two Main reasons why Senator John McCain wants to keep the attack on the USS Liberty buried.

1-  McCain’s Father (Admiral John S McCain) was in charge of US Naval Forces in Europe at the time of the attack and Admiral McCain was involved in the COVER-UP, of the attack on the Liberty.

2-  In America, huge sums of Money are needed to Win Elections at the National Level.  (Congress, President)   Wealthy American Jews give huge sums of Cash to Pro-Israeli Congressmen and Congresswomen.   Anyone deemed to be “anti-Israel” is cut off from Funding.  As a result, it’s very hard to Win an Election at the National Level, unless the candidate is a full time stooge to the powerful US Israeli Lobby.  (AIPAC)

John McCain pushing Israel lobby line vs Syria like he did with Iraq:

McCain foreign policy susceptible to Obama attack (neocon influence on McCain mentioned)

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 1):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 6):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 7):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 8):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 9):
John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 10):
John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 11):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 12):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 13):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 14):

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 15):

See what Jeff Gates also has to say about John McCain and others via video at following link: 

‘Syrian Rebels’ Champion John McCain is a Classic Israeli Asset:

Did an Israel lobby front group organize McCain’s trip to Syria?

Rand Bashes McCain: US ‘Will Be Allied with Al Qaeda’

Pandering neocon lackey John McCain still pushing Zionist neocon line vs Syria:
US must strike Assad and ISIL simultaneously: McCain:

Traitor John McCain pushs multi-trillion dollar wars for Israel:

John McCain canoodling with terrorists in Syria as well:
How John McCain Wound Up Canoodling With Terrorists:

Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer schools neocon toady John McCain on how foreign interventions are motivation for Al Qaeda:

Former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi, Talks About The Neo-Cons and the Necessity for Even Handedness in the Middle East

Former CIA officer, Philip Giraldi, Talks About The Neo-Cons and the Necessity for Even Handedness in the Middle East:


See the following links which validate what Phil mentioned about who is running the show with US media:


Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?


How Jewish is Hollywood? – – Los Angeles Times (by Joel Stein):,0,4676183.column


The ‘anti-Semitic Trick’:

Paul Findley: Why they hate the U.S.

Paul Findley: Why they hate the U.S.

The High Cost of Subservience to Israel:

UN nominee Power spoke of Israeli human rights abuses and US ‘domestic constituency’ with ‘tremendous’ financial clout

A wounded Palestinian child screams as she arrives to the Al-Shifa hospital after an Israeli air strike in Gaza City:

More information at

Israel Attacks Gaza, Silence from Mainstream Media about Israeli Violations of International Law:

The USA’s irrational relationship with Israel

US Support of Israel is taking US down:

Andrew Sullivan, terrorism, and the art of distortion

Because Muslims are dying by British soldiers every day

US and Israeli generals draw up plans for attack on Iran

US and Israeli generals draw up plans for attack on Iran

Four months later, did Hagel’s confirmation make any difference at all?:

The US or Israel – who should strike Iran:

Pentagon Bulks Up ‘Bunker Buster’ Bomb to Combat Iran:

Senate Resolution: U.S. Will Go to War With Iran if Israel Does:

Iraq, Syria and Iran all in accordance with neocon war for Israel agenda (pushed by neocon mouthpiece John McCain and others) James Morris mentioned on ‘Russia Today’ via

Mearsheimer and Walt tried to warn US about Israel lobby push for war with Iran via &

CrossTalk: ‘Democratic Iraq’ an Oxymoron?:

Iraq and Syria are going to plan for Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon’s ‘Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s’ which the neocons have been following as James Morris mentioned on ‘Russia Today’ via (Grant Smith was on ‘Russia Today’ yesterday and conveyed similar as can be seen/heard via following link):

CrossTalk: ‘Democratic Iraq’ an Oxymoron?:

Grant Smith wrote:

Last week the ubiqutous Brookings Saban Center pundit Michael O’Hanlon fled a
live globally broadcast RT debate.  Presented with a withering barrage of damage
assessments, O’Hanlon struggled to explain why Iraq is collapsing after billions
of US taxpayer dollars were wasted invading and on fraudulent reconstruction
contracts.  IRmep’s Grant Smith explains to viewers why Americans should
consider the Iraq invasion to be nothing more than an enormous scam while
reviewing how Brookings, after its takeover by Israeli-American media mogul Haim
Saban, became just another pro-invasion trumpet for “Iraq-scam” in the months
leading up to invasion.  Smith revealed new data that the invasion cost
Americans the equivalent of half a year’s total US gross domestic product while’s Kelly Vlahos provides a quantitative damage assessment of the
carnage still unfolding in Iraq.

View on Youtube at:

Neocon mouthpiece Senator McCain met with rebels in Syria: spokesman

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

Neocon toady/mouthpiece Senator John McCain pushing yet another neocon war for Israel vs Syria like he did vs Iraq with 5,000 US troops dead and thousands more wounded:

Please sign & share! Arrest John McCain & Investigate US State Department & Clandestine Activity in Syria:

So is Israel going to get US into WW III with Russia?:

Israel warns Russia against giving Syria missiles

Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria

General (Retired) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby on the US political system and media) sent through the following yesterday:

James David wrote:

Could this be another false flag that the Israelis used to give them justification to bomb Syria?  It wouldn’t surprise me that this same kind of false flag has been used in these rockets landing in Southern Israel blamed on Hamas to justify attacking Hamas.  Israel claims Hamas fired over 10,000 rockets into Israel always conveniently landing in an open field causing little if any damage or injuries. You couldn’t fire this many rockets if you tried without any direct hits. If you don’t think Israel is capable of doing such evil, all one needs to do is look back at history and read up on the Lavon Affair or even the scheme used in Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty ( in which their intent was to blame the Egyptians.

Former Bush administration official: Israel may be behind use of chemical arms in Syria

Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, says Israel may have conducted ‘false flag’ operation. Describes its government as inept and Netanyahu as ‘clueless’


Syria’s sarin gas possible false flag:

General Wesley Clark recently conveyed at UCLA that a Mossad contact had told him that Israel was operating in Iraq!

The Thin Red Line (see last paragraph of following New Yorker article)

Inside the White House debate over Syria.

Israel lobby pushing Syrian regime change/civil war like it did with Iraq:

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film makes US theatrical debut in Los Angeles and New York

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film makes US theatrical debut in Los Angeles and New York

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film ( makes its US theatrical debut in Los Angeles (at Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena: and at the Quad Cinema ( in Greenwich Village (New York City) from May 17th-23rd (James Morris is in the film as well via his exchange with former 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton from the youtube with over half a million views):

VALENTINOS GHOST (a documentary by Michael Singh):

Following is the Facebook picture for ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ screening in Los Angeles and New York City:

New York Times: Hollywood Does Arabia, From A to B

‘Valentino’s Ghost,’ a Documentary by Michael Singh

Los Angeles Times Review: ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ hits media’s portrayal of Arabs, Muslims,0,389504.story

Tracing America’s Relationship to the Middle East in Valentino’s Ghost

Why We Hate Them: Arabs in Western Eyes (by Philip Giraldi)

A new PBS documentary reveals how films and other media have shaped an anti-Muslim narrative (see the comments at bottom as well):

KPBS (San Diego PBS affiliate) Review: ‘Valentino’s Ghost’New documentary looks at the Middle East in U.S. film and media:

Interview: Michael Singh, Director Of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’

Valentino’s Ghost Spooks Some Viewers

Valentino’s Ghost (New Edition):

NMR Testimonial: Filmmaker Michael Singh & the documentary Valentino’s Ghost

Extended Q&A | Valentino’s Ghost 2012

Thanks to Prof Tamara Sonn, College of William and Mary for her review:

List on IMDb names Valentino’s Ghost as “Oscar Probable”:

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ writer/director Michael Singh on the Kathleen Wells show out of Los Angeles on May 22, 2013:

L.A. Filmmaker aims to show American stereotypes about the Middle East (see comments at bottom of following URL):

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ and the Arab Problem:

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ screened to standing ovations last year at the Venice Film Festival (world’s oldest and most prestigious) and at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar:

PBS sent a shortened one hour version (still including the exchange James Morris had with Lee Hamilton from the youtube) of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’  to its national affiliates on June 1st, 2013:

Thanks to PBS SoCal (KOCE) for broadcasting the one hour version of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ ( & this coming Saturday (July 6th) at 9 PM!:

PS: PBS Hawaii, PBS Colorado, PBS West Virginia & PBS US Virgin Islands have already aired ‘Valentino’s Ghost’. Hopefully other PBS US affiliates will follow suit!

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ makes comeback after four years of suppression:

Above Mondoweiss review was linked in comments at bottom of following URL:

‘Frontline’ founder says assertions about his role in development of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ are wrong and unfair:

See comments at bottom of as well if interested further!

Benghazi Was Blowback. And That’s Why Obama Covered It Up

Benghazi Was Blowback. And That’s Why Obama Covered It Up:

Fmr CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer warned of Al Qaeda terrorism motivation via

Rand Paul accuses Hillary Clinton of ‘dereliction of duty’ on Libya

Geraldo Rivera: My Sources Tell Me Benghazi Was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels

Israel lobby pushing Syrian regime change/civil like it did with Iraq:

Philip Giraldi: Gatekeeping for Zion

Gatekeeping for Zion

Posted By Philip Giraldi On May 9, 2013 @ 11:00 pm In Uncategorized | 5 Comments

People like myself who are either paleoconservatives or libertarians generally base their opposition to Israel and its Lobby on the costs of the de facto alliance, both financial and in terms of the wars and political chaos it has triggered. We try to demonstrate how damage to rule of law and actual U.S. interests has been a byproduct of the relationship and seek to explain what a sane U.S. foreign policy might actually look like, end of story. But it is different sensibility coming from the more humanitarian inclined political left of the spectrum, which one would assume to have a natural inclination to oppose purveyors of oppression and human suffering. With that in mind, I would observe it is remarkable how ineffective the left has been in mobilizing any serious opposition to Israel’s policies.

There is a kind of groupthink that might provide an explanation for the lack of results in spite of what sometimes appears to be frenzied activity on the part of the cluster of liberal groups that focus on the Middle East. Gatherings to “Expose AIPAC” often focus on strategy and training, hardly discussing or challenging the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at all. They also frequently fail to confront the full array of predominantly Jewish groups actively promoting Israel to include The Hudson Institute, WINEP, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, MEMRI, the American Enterprise Institute’s foreign policy wing, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The plethora of well-resourced and actively engaged Jewish groups involved in foreign policy and more particularly Israel promotion is a fact of life inside the Beltway and a critical element supporting the interventionist narrative in spite of the country as a whole becoming decidedly war weary.

At the same time, most American Jews are actually either cool or even hostile to the policies of the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Peter Beinart has called for a boycott of goods produced in the Israeli settlements while Jeffrey Goldberg has denounced a coalition partner in Netanyahu’s government, writing “The Jewish Home party advances an ideology that will bring about the destruction (the self-destruction) of Israel.” This reaction to the Israeli drift rightwards politically speaking probably explains why most organizations on the political left that are critical of Israel are themselves led by American Jews and, to their credit, they are very outspoken regarding Israel’s human rights violations and its policies towards the Palestinians. But it sometimes seems that they are restrained in their critiques, something that might be attributed to what could be referred to as Jewish identity politics. Instead of biting the bullet and confronting the fact that it is leading Jewish organizations and their in-the-pocket politicians that have quite plausibly been the sine qua non in unleashing a series of actual and impending wars against the Muslim world, they instead sometimes serve as gatekeepers to frame and divert an uncomfortable truth while looking for alternative explanations.

Part of the problem is that even though major Jewish organizations’ support of interventionism represents what is only a minority opinion among Americans in general, they pretend to represent everyone who is Jewish and have successfully sold that canard to both congress and the media. And make no mistake, it is the financial and political muscle of Jewish groups like Anti-Defamation League, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, The American Jewish Committee, and the AIPAC that have given the green light to the hard line Israeli governments that have done so much damage to U.S. interests over the past decade. Christian Zionists are highly visible and are frequently cited to demonstrate the diversity of the Israeli Lobby, but they are largely irrelevant in terms of the actual dynamics of the pro-Israel effort. The reality is that no other national lobby can gather 13,000 of the faithful to its convention and count on the enthusiastic presence of numerous politicians from both parties as AIPAC does every year. But in spite of the quite visible power of the Jewish organizations it is sometimes more convenient and less troubling to look instead for other reasons to explain Tel Aviv’s misbehavior.

Progressives who are nervous about mentioning the shameless politicking of Jewish organizations frequently parrot what I call the Noam Chomsky rationalization, engaging actively in criticizing Israeli behavior while at the same time blaming the Middle East farrago on outside forces like American imperialism, capitalism, or oil. This approach largely exonerates Israel from actual blame for what it does and it also by extension minimizes the role of the Jewish groups that constitute the core of the pro-Israel lobby because it is claimed that Washington drives the Israeli government’s behavior based on its own self-interest not vice versa. As a result, the critics seldom question the legitimacy of the self-defined Jewish state and they are sometimes reluctant to support any measures that would actually do damage to Israel and its perceived interests.

Norman Finkelstein, a reliable progressive critic of Israeli actions, is of the Chomsky persuasion. He believes that the United States would have attacked Iraq anyway based on its own interests whether or not the fervently pro-Israel neocons had occupied key positions in the Pentagon, National Security Council, and White House. Finkelstein, in an article on the Israel Lobby, maintains that “fundamental U.S. policy in the Middle East hasn’t been affected by the Lobby,” rejects the view that Israel is a liability for U.S. national interests and states instead that it is a “unique and irreplaceable American asset.” He describes American Jewish elites as only “’pro’ an Israel that is useful to the U.S.” He insists that the neocons do not “generally have a primary allegiance to Israel [or] in fact, any allegiance to Israel.” The evidence, however, suggests otherwise: even agreeing that the Iraq war had a number of godfathers, the folks in the Pentagon and White House who cooked the books and led the charge had extremely well documented strong personal and even financial ties to Israel, so much so that several of them were accused of passing classified information to the Israeli Embassy.

The shaping of the narrative to minimize the role of organizations that are demonstrably Jewish – albeit unrepresentative of Jewish opinion in America -has also been very effective in some media circles. An April 2007 ninety minute presentation on PBS’s Frontpage with Bill Moyers “Buying the War,” a critical look at the genesis of the Iraq invasion, did not mention Israel’s supporters even once. And one only has consider the recent Obama trip to Israel as well as the interrogation at the Chuck Hagel nomination, which was driven by organizations like AIPAC from behind the scenes, to realize that the United States government is no free agent when it comes to Middle Eastern policy. Ignoring the dominant role of “Jewish leaders” and the well-funded organizations that they head which falsely pretend to represent their entire community is a convenient obfuscation if one does not want to address causality, a bit like being concerned about global warming without looking at the actual science.

President Obama recognizes the power represented by Jewish groups acting as a cohesive and focused political entity when he meets with them collectively in the White House, so why the reluctance in recognizing and confronting their persistent pro-war, pro-intervention agenda? At a March 7th session, shortly before his trip to Israel, Obama met with Alan Solow, Lee Rosenberg and Michael Kassen of AIPAC; Barry Curtiss-Lusher of the Anti-Defamation League; David Harris of the American Jewish Committee; Jerry Silverman of Jewish Federations of North America; Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz; former Congressman Robert Wexler; Dan Mariaschin of B’nai B’rith; Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations; Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of J Street; and Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Admittedly the linking of Jewish organizations’ easy access to policymakers with their possible role in launching a string of failed wars in Asia and still more in the offing on behalf of Israel makes many people uncomfortable because it invites the dual loyalty critique and even more extreme commentary that is ultimately racist in nature, but there you have it. The president knows who is pulling his strings and so should the rest of us.

Americans can either confront the ugly realities of what has been going on for the past twelve years or they can pretend that what they are seeing is not really there. The gatekeepers are understandably concerned lest Washington’s next war be blamed on American Jews so it is far better to suggest against all evidence that Israel is a pawn of American imperialism or that recent wars have been about oil or capitalist exploitation. The reality is that if progressives (and the rest of us) really want to stop a proxy war against Syria followed by a catastrophic conflict with Iran we have to take the blinkers off and be willing to confront Jewish groups like AIPAC and the ADL directly and persistently.

Read more by Philip Giraldi

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Senate Resolution: U.S. Will Go to War With Iran if Israel Does

Senate Resolution: U.S. Will Go to War With Iran if Israel Does

As we saw with the AIPAC written/pushed Iran sanctions that recently passed the US House of Representatives (and the following Senate letter courtesy of AIPAC as well) the US Israel lobby is firmly behind a military confrontion with Iran as Mearsheimer conveyed via  as well:

Senators’ Letter Demands More Iran Sanctions, Blasts Diplomacy Demand More Emphasis on Attacking Iran:

Netanyahu Says Israel May Have to Deal With Iran Before US

Washington is Insane:

MJ Rosenberg wrote:

I worked on Capitol Hill for 15 years. The purpose of these nonbinding resolutions is to send a message to the president that going to war is what Congress wants and that he better pay attention, and two, to have language in place that lays groundwork for binding resolutions. Obama now knows that if Israel attacks Iran and the U.S. does not join in, he will have hell to pay with Congress.
AIPAC does not waste its time with meaningless resolution. This is serious.

The Israel Lobby pushing for war with Iran:

Read the Mearsheimer/Walt London Review of Books ‘The Israel Lobby’ article linked at

U.S. Senate committee passes AIPAC resolution to back Israel in conflict with Iran

US and Israeli generals draw up plans for attack on Iran

Pentagon Bulks Up ‘Bunker Buster’ Bomb to Combat Iran:

Mearsheimer and Walt tried to warn US about Israel lobby push for war with Iran via &

Will Israel Blow Up Something and Falsely Blame It On Iran?