‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film makes US theatrical debut in Los Angeles and New York

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film makes US theatrical debut in Los Angeles and New York

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ film (http://www.valentinosghost.com) makes its US theatrical debut in Los Angeles (at Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena: https://www.laemmle.com/films/37079) and at the Quad Cinema (http://www.quadcinema.com/) in Greenwich Village (New York City) from May 17th-23rd (James Morris is in the film as well via his exchange with former 9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton from the http://tinyurl.com/911motivation youtube with over half a million views).

VALENTINO‘S GHOST a documentary by Michael Singh:


Following is the Facebook picture for ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ screening in Los Angeles and New York City:



New York Times: Hollywood Does Arabia, From A to B

‘Valentino’s Ghost,’ a Documentary by Michael Singh


Los Angeles Times Review: ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ hits media’s portrayal of Arabs, Muslims


Tracing America’s Relationship to the Middle East in Valentino’s Ghost


Why We Hate Them: Arabs in Western Eyes (by Philip Giraldi)

A new PBS documentary reveals how films and other media have shaped an anti-Muslim narrative (see the comments at bottom as well):


KPBS (San Diego PBS affiliate) Review: ‘Valentino’s Ghost’New documentary looks at the Middle East in U.S. film and media:


Valentino’s Ghost Spooks Some Viewers


Valentino’s Ghost (New Edition):


NMR Testimonial: Filmmaker Michael Singh & the documentary Valentino’s Ghost


Extended Q&A | Valentino’s Ghost 2012


Thanks to Prof Tamara Sonn, College of William and Mary for her review:


List on IMDb names Valentino’s Ghost as “Oscar Probable”:


‘Valentino’s Ghost’ writer/director Michael Singh on the Kathleen Wells show out of Los Angeles on May 22, 2013:



L.A. Filmmaker aims to show American stereotypes about the Middle East (see comments at bottom of following URL):


‘Valentino’s Ghost’ and the Arab Problem:

‘Valentino’s Ghost’ screened to standing ovations last year at the Venice Film Festival (world’s oldest and most prestigious) and at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar:


PBS sent a shortened one hour version (still including the exchange James Morris had with Lee Hamilton from the http://tinyurl.com/911motivation youtube) of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’  to its national affiliates on June 1st, 2013:

Thanks to PBS SoCal (KOCE) for broadcasting the one hour version of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ (www.valentinosghost.com & http://tinyurl.com/valentinosghostinUS) this coming Saturday (July 6th) at 9 PM!:


PS: PBS Hawaii, PBS Colorado, PBS West Virginia & PBS US Virgin Islands have already aired ‘Valentino’s Ghost’. Hopefully other PBS US affiliates will follow suit!

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