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CrossTalk: ‘Democratic Iraq’ an Oxymoron?:

Iraq and Syria are going to plan for Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon’s ‘Strategy for Israel in the 1980’s’ which the neocons have been following as James Morris mentioned on ‘Russia Today’ via (Grant Smith was on ‘Russia Today’ yesterday and conveyed similar as can be seen/heard via following link):

CrossTalk: ‘Democratic Iraq’ an Oxymoron?:

Grant Smith wrote:

Last week the ubiqutous Brookings Saban Center pundit Michael O’Hanlon fled a
live globally broadcast RT debate.  Presented with a withering barrage of damage
assessments, O’Hanlon struggled to explain why Iraq is collapsing after billions
of US taxpayer dollars were wasted invading and on fraudulent reconstruction
contracts.  IRmep’s Grant Smith explains to viewers why Americans should
consider the Iraq invasion to be nothing more than an enormous scam while
reviewing how Brookings, after its takeover by Israeli-American media mogul Haim
Saban, became just another pro-invasion trumpet for “Iraq-scam” in the months
leading up to invasion.  Smith revealed new data that the invasion cost
Americans the equivalent of half a year’s total US gross domestic product while’s Kelly Vlahos provides a quantitative damage assessment of the
carnage still unfolding in Iraq.

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Neocon mouthpiece Senator McCain met with rebels in Syria: spokesman

McCain accused of accepting improper donations from Rothschilds

Neocon toady/mouthpiece Senator John McCain pushing yet another neocon war for Israel vs Syria like he did vs Iraq with 5,000 US troops dead and thousands more wounded:

Please sign & share! Arrest John McCain & Investigate US State Department & Clandestine Activity in Syria:

So is Israel going to get US into WW III with Russia?:

Israel warns Russia against giving Syria missiles