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The ‘Making You Safe’ Lie

The ‘Making You Safe’ Lie (by Philip Giraldi):

Breaking: New leak shows NSA collected in bulk email records of Americans for
two years under Obama:

NSA expert James Bamford: “It’s time govt officials are charged with criminal conduct, including lying to Congress.”:

Why Have An Intelligence Community When AIPAC Knows Better? …

Small Utah ISP firm stands up to ‘surveillance state’ as corporations cower:

Poll: Most Americans call Snowden a whistle-blower, not a traitor.

Whew, NSA Is Just Collecting Metadata (You Should Still Worry):

Video: FBI director nominee defends former policies:


Snowden’s Father: Son is like Paul Revere:

MORE: Lonnie Snowden praises his son for “summoning the American people to confront the growing danger of tyranny”:

No mention of Israel spying on Americans via NSA PRISM:

And of course Congress won’t address root cause of terrorism (see top of following URL):

And Mike Scheuer was  spot on in response to  C-SPAN call for him at

We’’re Going Into the Greatest Depression

We’’re Going Into the Greatest Depression (by Gerald Celente):