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PBS (KOCE) to broadcast ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ in Los Angeles this 4th of July Weekend

PBS sent a shortened one hour version (still including the exchange James Morris had with Lee Hamilton from the youtube with over half a million views) of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’  to its national affiliates on June 1st, 2013:

Thanks to PBS (KOCE) OC (Orange County)  for broadcasting the one hour version of ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ ( & on July 6th and on Sunday July 7th as it will repeat on PBS OC on July 23rd at 11 AM at 5 PM (PBS OC is on channel 235 on Time Warner cable in Los Angeles):

PS: PBS Hawaii, PBS Colorado, PBS West Virginia, PBS Seattle, PBS Detroit, PBS KOCE OC (Orange County) & PBS US Virgin Islands have already aired ‘Valentino’s Ghost’. Hopefully other PBS US affiliates will follow suit!

Just received following from ‘Valentino’s Ghost’ producers:

Valentino’s Ghost on PBS this weekend!

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We are delighted to announce that VALENTINO’S GHOST airs on Southern California’s PBS station KOCE on Saturday July 6 at 9pm in an abridged one-hour version. And again on Sunday July 7 at noon.Are you interested to know more about why America is in a War on Terror? About why Arabs and Muslims “hate us”? About why the corporate news media hates them? About how Americans have been hammered into accepting a set of misleading beliefs and feelings about the Arab and Muslim worlds by powerful groups with an agenda? WATCH the trailer here
VALENTINO’S GHOST is a thrilling ride that brings a fresh, bold perspective and never-mentioned revelations about America’s relationship to the Middle East — in ways that impact the lives of everyone in America.
Schedule a recording now! Host a viewing party at your home! Tell your friends and colleagues! Celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with a film that DOES have an agenda:  to improve our great country of America at home, and our image abroad.
The New York Times calls VALENTINO’S GHOST “An invaluable entry in the national dialogue on the subject,” and The Village Voice praises it as “both sobering and illuminating … and its execution is thrilling.” M.J. Rosenberg calls VALENTINOS GHOST “a brilliant new film.”
This message brought to you by Michael Singh and Catherine Jordan, the producers of Valentino’s Ghost.

PBS stations around the country continue to air VG — check your local listings!

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“Our relationship with Israel is one of the main reasons we have a terrorist problem in the United States. And the Israel Lobby does not want that message to get out to the American people.” — John J. Mearsheimer, Ph.D., The University of Chicago
Valentino’s Ghost answers the complex, layered question: “Who are these people, and why are they so angry?”

Independence Day Blues (by Philip Giraldi)

Independence Day Blues (by Philip Giraldi)