Quietly, Israel Drives US Attack on Syria

Quietly, Israel Drives US Attack on Syria


Obama’s Syria War Is Really About Iran and Israel


Israel and lobby likely to get embroiled in Congress debate on Syria:


AIPAC in Full Court Press on Syria




AIPAC Is A Grave Threat To World Peace


And US public won’t hear about the above because of following:


 White House to Congress: ‘Help protect Israel with attack on Syria’


Dubious Intelligence and Iran Blackmail: How Israel is driving the US to war in Syria


Neocons Push Obama to Go Beyond a Punitive Strike in Syria:


Israel and lobby likely to get embroiled in Congress debate on Syria:


AIPAC (Israel lobby) comes out for strike on Syria– and mentions Iran more often than Syria:


Sheldon Adelson New Obama Ally as Jewish Groups Back Syria Strike


Assume Samantha Power helped with the above involving Adelson:

Samantha Power Bows to the Israel Lobby as well:


US general says Syria action could be ‘more substantial than thought’


Obama meeting with neocon mouthpiece John McCain at White House:


Israel lobby pushing Syrian intervention like it did with Iraq:



Iraq collapse shows bankrupticy of neocon interventions for Israel pushed by John McCain:


Additional at following URL:

US Prepares For Possible Cruise Missile Attack on Syria (for Israel)


Our Enemies, The Israelis When will we wake up to the threat?

By Justin Raimondo


Syria “chemical attack” fits profile of an Israeli false flag



Col.Wilkerson.  Chemical weapons could be Israeli false flag

General Wesley Clark recently mentioned at UCLA that a Mossad contact told him that Israel was in Syria (did Israel give the Syrian rebels Sarin to set up Assad for intervention based on neocon ‘Clean Break’ war for Israel that Iraq was based on as well: http://tinyurl.com/cleanbreak?).

Syria: Another Western War Crime In The Making — Paul Craig Roberts


Are the Israelis working with the Saudis if the following article is credible?:

EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack





2 Responses to “Quietly, Israel Drives US Attack on Syria”

  • James David says:

    Sound familiar? Could it be another “Groundhog Day” production?

    In a September 20, 2002 Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled “The Case for Toppling Saddam,” current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Saddam Hussein could be hiding nuclear material “in centrifuges the size of washing machines” throughout the country.

    We now know that this intelligence led up to the invasion of Iraq and to only discover that this pre-attack intelligence was just a bunch of bull in order for American to use its blood and money for the sake of Israel. And the American people have been paying the price ever since.

    Now the same scenario seems to be taking place. The following letter by John Whitbeck is very interesting.

    TO: Distinguished Recipients
    FM: John Whitbeck

    Further to my message of Monday (below), the official American assessment of who was responsible for the apparent use of chemical weapons in Syria has now escalated from “very little doubt” to, in a text read by Vice President Joe Biden, “no doubt” that it was the Syrian government.

    What evidence could have been gathered prior to the forensic examinations by the UN inspectors on the ground to provoke this change to absolute certainty?

    The answer may be found in an article published yesterday in the prominent Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronoth (“American Operation, Israeli Intelligence”), which reports that “the IDF’s 8200 intelligence unit was listening to the Syrian leadership during the lethal chemical weapons attack last week in which hundreds were killed, and it was Israel that relayed the incriminating information to the West”, that three Israeli generals arrived in Washington on Monday “to show their counterparts the most updated intelligence” and that “the source of most of the information that the US has about Syria is Israeli, as is the information about the targets for a possible attack.”

    As is almost always the case with the United States and its European acolytes, what Israel wants, Israel gets.

    Those who do not rely exclusively on Israeli intelligence as a source of evidence may be interested in a brief paragraph buried in a lengthy New York Times report published yesterday in the International Herald Tribune (“Like ‘watching a horror movie’”): “Near the attack sites, activists found spent rockets that appeared to have been homemade and suspected that they had delivered the gas. Mr. Salahideen [previously identified as “a reporter for the opposition’s Alaan television network”] said he did not think the small rockets could carry the amount of gas needed to kill so many people and guessed that government forces had fired the rockets to make it easier to blame the rebels, who often fire improvised rockets at government targets.”

    In any event, there now appears to be somewhere between “very little doubt” and “no doubt” that the United States, Britain and France will soon launch, with no consideration for the United Nations or international law, a “punishment” strike against Syria, most likely against targets thoughtfully chosen and provided by Israel, and that this strike will lead to … what, precisely?

    There could then be “very little doubt” that the already slim hopes for a political settlement to the Syrian civil war, through a Russian-American peace conference or otherwise, would be definitively dead and buried, while Edward Luttwak’s dream of perpetual violence and bloodshed in Syria would be given a major boost.

    Of course, Israel would be happy and, presumably, encouraged by its successful manipulation of Western governments against Syria to perceive a useful precedent for dealing with its most important ennemi du jour, Iran. Meanwhile, Messrs. Obama, Cameron and Hollande could, at least in the near term, look and feel macho and preempt partisan criticism from domestic opponents by demonstrating that they “did something”.

    Pity the poor Syrian people.

  • Tony cecil says:

    If israel keeps this they are making their own grave.The Israely people need to stand up against the leaders.

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