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Iran’s UNGA representative accuses Israel of saber-rattling

Iran’s UNGA representative accuses Israel of saber-rattling (Press TV interview with James Morris)

Lindsay Graham’s plan for war with Iran:

Netanyahu to Focus on Iranian Nuclear Threat at U.N.

By JODI RUDOREN Published: September 17, 2013,

IAEA votes to turn blind eye to Israeli nukes, while keeping focus on Iran & Syria:

Israel staves off censure by IAEA

Russia, China and South Africa voted for IAEA resolution on Israeli nukes:

Arab countries were pressured to withdraw the resolution before the vote,7340,L-4431555,00.html

U.S. envoy tried to head off IAEA vote on Israel nukes, keep focus on Iran & Syria

CIA’s Mike Scheuer calls Lindsay Graham and John McCain shills for Israel:

Scheuer, who titles his current website “,” has grown increasingly critical of the role of Israel in shaping American foreign policy. He bemoans the likelihood that the United States “will keep taking any and all actions that protect Israel even though such actions incite the Muslim world’s steadily deepening hatred for America, and ensure that American kids will be fighting and dying in an endless war with Islam.”

“Obama, McCain, Graham, Manning and Snowden and the Varieties of Disloyalty,”