AIPAC Inspired Iran Sanctions Bill From Sens. Bob Menendez And Mark Kirk Could Endanger U.S. Negotiations

Iran Sanctions Bill From Sens. Bob Menendez And Mark Kirk Could Endanger U.S. Negotiations:

‘Senators Menendez and Kirk are AIPAC surrogates’:

Iran sanctions bill will prevent military action: Menendez to AIPAC

Is AIPAC suddenly a dirty word?

AIPAC has had a tough month, but still hard to discuss US-Israel relations in open & honest way:

AIPAC and the Israel Lobby: Down, but Not Yet Out!

Will AIPAC secure a veto-proof bill that pushes toward war with Iran?:

Obama Starts To Turn Tide Against Lobby’s Sanctions Bill

Iran Sanctions Battle Heats Up:

Odds With Israel, Senate Dems Look to Obama for Help

Why Democrats may sabotage Obama’s Iran deal:

Awesome! Chris Hayes Brilliantly Explains Lobby’s Effort to Sabotage Iran Deal:

Kirk-Menendez-Schumer Wag the Dog Act of 2014

Let’s Break a Deal: Senators imperil the prospect of peace with Iran because of immaturity and a lack of self-control (Jon Stewart):

January 15, 2014

Poison to the nuclear deal, from Congress: A Bill Stokes Debate, and Doubt, on Iran Deal:

A New Year Just Like the Old Year: Jennifer Rubin Wants More War (by Phil Giraldi):

10 Democratic Committee Chairs Warn Menendez’s Iran Sanction Bill Could Blow Up Negotiations

Obama would veto Iran bill

Director of the National Jewish Democratic Council Jack Moline has strongly criticized the Israel lobby for pushing the US Senate to impose fresh sanctions on Iran:

AIPAC ‘sabotaging’ Iran nuclear deal: analyst

Some Might Call It Treason

High Crimes and Misdemeanors by Congress

Netanyahu: Many countries waiting to get rid of sanctions against Iran:

Israel lobby pushing Iran intervention like it did with Iraq and Syria:

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Must watch Dutch VPRO documentary about Israel lobby push for war with Iran:

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GOP should purge neocon warmongers & their shills like John McCain (and others):

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  • Patriot says:

    Jeffrey Blankfort (who is an anti-Zionist Jew and will be speaking at the upcoming National Summit in DC on March 7th, 2014 as one can click on ‘Speakers’ at top of wrote the following:

    This has been a rare setback for AIPAC, albeit a temporary one, what is being overlooked is that AIPAC has wrotten the script for all the Iran sanctions legislation (as well as that against Syria) from the very beginning. Not only are those sanctions against Iran but against any country or company that does business with Iran. Even though the White House has granted some waivers for country’s doing business with Iran, such as China and Japan, this does not lessen AIPAC’s role in any way.

    One can see how much these sanctions are the result of US pressure, under AIPAC’s guiding hand, when, as soon as the announcement of US-Iran negotiations were announced, foreign businessmen started heading for Iran, looking for contracts. You can also be sure that US oil companies would jump at the chance to do business with Iran but the more powerful Israel Lobby prevents them from doing that, as they prevented US oil companies from doing business with Saddam. There are Zionists like Greg Palast, Noam Chomsky, et al, who would like us to believe that the oil companies supported the war, but they fail to explain, let along tell us, that it was China, whose contract with Saddam, was honored by the current iraqi government, that was the biggest winner, followed by Russia and Malaysoa.

    Moreover,the US government officials in the Treasury Dept. who are charged with enforcing the sanctions are “card-carrying memeber” of the Israel-First community, beginning with Stuart Levy, who have lived and/or gone to school in Israel.

    Jeff B

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