Balanced Views only if it’s not critical to Israel

General (Ret) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of former Republican Congressman Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book  – third edition – about the power/influence of the pro-Israel lobby on US political system and media) wrote the following:

Balanced Views only if it’s not critical to  Israel


I have stated on numerous times that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was  biased towards Israel, both in World News and Balanced Views.


In his weekly Opinion ( in the New York Times and published in the AJC,  Thomas Friedman gives a strong criticism of both sides in the  Israeli-Palestinian peace process ( “In Mideast, at least give Kerry credit for  trying,” Balanced Views, A19, Dec.20.)


The strongest criticism of Israel by Mr. Friedman as quoted in  his N.Y.Times Opinion Column, but omitted by the Atlanta  Journal-Constitution, was  “If Israel doesn’t stop the settlement  madness, denying the Palestinians a West Bank state, it will fit the caricature  of its worst enemies.”


It was the highlight of the article, a well deserved criticism of  Israel by one of the most influential columnists of foreign policy  today, and yet the AJC refused to include it in their publication.  Is this  what you call “Balanced Reporting?”


In the eyes of the AJC balanced reporting is only balanced when  criticism of Israel is omitted.  Is it any wonder why we have no peace in  the Middle East?


James J. David



James J. David is a retired brigadier general who served U.S. Army  service in the Middle East.


Palestinian toddler dead as Israel sends jets, tanks in retaliatory Gaza op

Gazan killed by IDF was collecting scrap – not damaging border fence, says brother   Oudeh Hamad’s brother, who was wounded by the IDF firing near the border fence, says there were no warning shots.   By Amira Hass | 08:03 25.12.13 |

Israel attacks:

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General James David also wrote the following as well:

The Israelis hit Gaza hard again with 16 strikes killing a 3-year-old girl and others.  The media made it appear that Israel was retaliating from yesterday’s killing of an Israeli soldier  by a Palestinian sniper but in the past month the Israelis have raided the West Bank and Gaza and have killed 5 Palestinians and demolished dozens of Palestinian homes and not one Palestinian retaliated up until this latest sniper attack.

When a Palestinian fights back the media reports it as a terror attack but when Israel conducts daily raids and kills innocent Palestinians the media is silent up until the Israelis make a full scale blitz and kills innocent children. Then the the media blames it on the Palestinians and reports the Israeli attack as retaliation.       IIt was just last Friday when the Israelis killed an innocent Palestinian boy on his own side of the border in Gaza.  The Israelis justified their attack claiming the boy tried to attack the wall.  It was found out later by the boy’s brother that he was only collecting scrap metal and had no intention of attacking the wall. It’s pathetic how the Israelis commit so much violence and yet can be construed by the media as victims.

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