N.Y. Mayor at Closed AIPAC Gala: Part of my Job is to Defend Israel

N.Y. Mayor at Closed AIPAC Gala: Part of my Job is to Defend Israel    

By Haaretz

Mayor Bill de Blasio says ‘there is no greater ally on earth’ than Israel,  in speech to Israel lobby that did not appear on public schedule.


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“No greater ally on earth”.

Just ponder that remark for a bit. How many troops did Israel send to fight  with Americans in Iraq? None. Forty other countries did, led by the UK,  Australia, and Poland. How many troops did Israel send to fight with  Americans in Afghanistan? None. Fifty-nine other countries helped, also led  by the UK. In both cases, this “greatest ally on earth” would have been  extraordinarily counter-productive if it had been involved. That’s  how useful an ally the country is in confronting our common enemies. Which  allied defense minister recently publicly said of an internal security plan  for the West Bank, shared confidentially among allies, that it was “not  worth the paper it was written on” and that “the only thing that can ‘save  us’ is for John Kerry to win a Nobel Prize and leave us in peace.” Israel’s.  Which allied prime minister in recent years took the extraordinary step of  lecturing the American president in front of the world press in the White  House itself? Israel’s. I cannot think of any allied prime minister ever  thinking about doing the same.

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