Will AIPAC secure a veto-proof bill that pushes toward war with Iran?

Will AIPAC secure a veto-proof bill that pushes toward war with Iran?

Ask 41 U.S. senators to stand firm and support diplomacy over war

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U.S. President Barack Obama reiterated in his State of the Union address that he would veto an AIPAC-backed sanctions bill that would sabotage diplomatic efforts with Iran and lead us down the road to war.

But the scary reality is that the U.S. Senate is just eight votes shy of passing a bill that would be veto-proof.

Unless we speak out now, the Israel lobby could win on this one. Sign here and we’ll take out an ad this week with your message in a major Washington DC news outlet read by members of Congress and their staff.

Click here: http://www.JVP.org/Iran

Senate bill 1881, the “Nuclear Weapon-Free Iran Act of 2013”, has the support of 59 of 60 co-sponsors needed for it to pass. Eight more and the President won’t be able to veto.

Forty-one senators have refused to sign the bill. Can you sign this petition to ask them to stand strong?

Click here: http://www.JVP.org/Iran and help stop the march to war

After some 34 years of virtual diplomatic radio silence between Iran and the U.S, negotiators are finally sitting down at the table to address questions of nuclear capacity. Don’t let AIPAC torpedo these historic talks and risk sending the US to war over a right-wing Israeli government’s interests.

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