Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine?

Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine (by Patrick Buchanan)?:


Tune Out the War Party —No One Needs A New Crimean War!


Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word (by Philip Giraldi)

The Neocon Triumph


Ukraine sounds a lot like Iraq (Philip Giraldi):


Putin Triumphs in Ukraine


US has ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine, Russia: Analyst


World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine!



Subversive Ukraine Coup Threat Pushed Russia & Crimea Referendum:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUZi8vZ7nnk&list=PLfrlsC1yJ2dTtNjUvtcsezs5WcoLqwTNe & http://tinyurl.com/UkraineCoup

The American Who Dared Make Putin’s Case:


How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation:


Love or hate Ron Paul, he warned about interference in Ukraine in 2004: http://youtu.be/TybmfQzrO4A

Ron Paul vs Israel 1st neocon warmongers & their mouthpieces like Mitt Romney, John McCain and others:


What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis 


CrossTalk: Spinning Ukraine (ft. Pepe Escobar)


Nuland Privately Cooks Up Ukraine Deal, Publicly Claims “Ukrainian Democracy” Concern


Victoria Nuland admits US spent $5B on subverting Ukraine; insists on IMF “reforms”:

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs; wife of (Neocon) Robert Kagan:

U.S. – Ukraine Foundation presents
Ukraine in Washington 2013
Address by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland
December 13, 2013
5: 03 The reforms that the IMF insists on are necessary for the long-term economic health of the country. A new deal with the IMF would also increase Foreign Direct Investment that is so urgently needed in Ukraine.
7: 26     Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991, the United States has supported Ukrainians as they build democratic skills and institutions, as they promote civic partipation and good governance, all of which are preconditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations.
We’ve invested over 5 billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will assure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine. […]

Washington’s Response to Leaked Victoria Nuland Call Confirms US-EU Regime-Change Plot in Ukraine:


Russia Under Attack (by Paul Craig Roberts):


The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun (by Paul Craig Roberts):


Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns (by Paul Craig Roberts):


US government inadvertently comes clean on its Ukraine agenda:


A New Cold War? Ukraine Violence Escalates:


Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders – leaked EU’s Ashton phone tape


Good article re: Zionist Transatlantic Institute which is the Israel lobby for the EU:


Fmr advisor to neocon shill Senator John McCain was PNAC neocon warmonger Randy Schuenemann:


Randy Schuenemann mentioned at following URL:

More on John McCain’s ties to PNAC:


Georgia: Israel of the Caucasus:



‘F**k the EU’: Snr US State Dept. official caught in alleged phone chat on Ukraine


Jewish Neocons Victoria Nuland and husband Robert Kagan push neocon NED agenda in Ukraine vs Russia for PNAC (PNAC has been disbanded in name only!):

Bob Kagan on list at following URL as well:



Dr. Stephen Sniegoski (author of the ‘The Transparent Cabal’ book about how the neocons pushed US into Iraq: http://tinyurl.com/thetransparentcabal) wrote the following as he will be speaking at http://natsummit.org in DC on March 7th, 2014:

Victorian Nuland was married to neocon Robert. Kagan.  I found some more info. on her connections.

Victoria Nuland is the daughter of Yale bioethics and medicine professor Sherwin B. Nuland, the family’s original surname being Nudelman. She graduated from Choate Rosemary Hall in 1979 and has a B.A. from Brown University. Nuland is married to historian Robert Kagan, with whom she has two children

During the George W. Bush administration, she served as the principal deputy foreign policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney and then as U.S. ambassador to NATO

But she works well with the Democrats in power. Nuland has emerged as one of the key figures who have been accused by various sources of initiating a cover up of the 2012 Benghazi attack. After reading the first draft of the State Department talking points that stated that the incident was a coordinated terrorist attack, she sent a message writing that they “could be abused by members of Congress to beat the State Department for not paying attention to agency warnings so why would we want to seed the Hill.”[4] After this memo former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice was given talking points that formed the basis of her statement Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs i Mondoweiss had a good piece on her. http://mondoweiss.net/2011/10/no-problem-obamas-state-dept-spokesperson-is-married-to-romneys-neocon-foreign-policy-adviser.html

Occidental Observer http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2014/02/victoria-nulands-family-ties/

Steve Sailer http://www.vdare.com/posts/victoria-nuland-and-ukraine

Nuland’s Father Sherwin Nuland—points out his Jewish background–Nudelman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sherwin_B._Nuland Sherwin Nuland was born in The Bronx, New York City, in December 1930 to immigrant Jewish parents Meyer and Vitsche Nudelman. Although raised in a traditional Orthodox Jewish home, Sherwin now considers himself agnostic, but continues to attend synagogue.

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3 Responses to “Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine?”

  • Patriot says:

    Eric Margolis wrote:

    Forget all the Cold War-style hysteria over Ukraine and Crimea. There was and is absolutely no way that Russia can allow Ukraine (and its vital naval base in Crimea) to come into the US-led sphere of influence via NATO. Any more than Washington would allow Canada or Mexico to become Chinese allies.

    The solution to this manufactured crisis is, as Putin proposes, a referendum on Ukraine’s future and, most important, Kiev’s agreement to remain neutral between east and west. All this is geopolitics 101. What we’ve seen to date is amateur hour by the western powers v statesmanship by President Putin.

    I’m an old friend of Ukraine. My writings over the years about Stalin’s holocaust in Ukraine that killed 6-7 million of its people have put black marks against my name and injured my career. No matter – as a journalist it’s my task to get at the truth, not echo propaganda. Today, Ukraine’s nationalists and rightists must realize they can only go so far away from Russia. They must cooperate. Encouraging them with empty promises could lead to war between NATO and Russia.

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