US has a Zionist PNAC ‘neocon agenda’ vs Russia

US has a Zionist PNAC ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine vs Russia:

World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine!

Neocons: Seeking War to the End of the World:

How the World Ends:

Baiting Russia is not good policy

PUTIN SENDS DIRE WARNING TO HUMANITY – Just a Matter of Time & The Sheeple Are Asleep:

US Ambassador to Hungary: Overthrow Assad, Let in Refugees, and Fight Russia…or Else!

Crazy woman pushing neocon line vs Syria and Russia. WW3 on the way.. With encroaching on Russian borders too.. In accord with Kagan/Nuland PNAC Neocon agenda vs Russia. She is also pushing Israel Lobby vs Assad and Syria:

Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government: James Morris Dares to Mention the Taboo History:

Clinton’s Hawk-in-Waiting
If Hillary wins the White House, expect Victoria Nuland to be at her side.

Must read article on Russia preparing for huge war with @NATO:

German Troops Towards Lithuania: NATO Starts Encirclement of Russia:

Germany slams NATO ‘warmongering’ on Russia:
Untouchable Mr. Browder?
The Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime.

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

How Neocons Destabilized Europe:

American, Not Russian, Aggression is the Real Problem:

The fact that genuine Russia analysts, who understand the country, have been replaced by neocon nutters who lump the nation in with the likes of Syria, ISIS and North Korea is, frankly, disturbing.

A return to war in Ukraine?

 Kiev, rebels trade accusations of buildup.Both Ukraine’s government and its rebel provinces have rebuilt their militaries, raising the stakes should the latest violence turn into all out combat:

Obama’s Deadly Cold War Legacy:

Risky Blowback from Russian Sanctions:

‘Nuclear war our likely future’: Russia & China won’t accept US hegemony, Reagan official warns

Via Coleen Rowley:

Wake up Americans! Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg encourages us to read and share the following articles (and then figure out what we may do to avert this nightmare):

Max Fisher, Vox, “How World War III became possible: A nuclear conflict with Russia is likelier than you think”:

Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes, “Russia and America: Stumbling Toward War”

Ellsberg further noted: “Both articles have their limitations–in particular, neither addresses at all the way that NATO and the EU have fueled the current conflict, with the expansion of NATO (to the Baltics!) and in particular the coup in Kiev, and Fisher quotes only the worst possible interpretations of Putin’s motives–but they’re both compelling enough to be very alarming. What seems to be looming is the most dangerous possibility of direct Russian and US armed conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis half a century ago. Really, the only one since then, and like that, with the real possibility that it would provoke the use of tactical nuclear weapons–this time, first-use threatened on both sides!–and all-out nuclear war, causing nuclear winter/famine. It can’t get more serious than that. And both sides are proclaiming their readiness to engage, seeming to ignore that prospect!”

So while it may not seem possible to those of us anguished by US-NATO’s costly wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and other countries in its “global war on terror,” the past 14 years could actually turn out to be the relative lull before the storm. There are strong indications that we’re quickly reaching an even more dangerous moment, this one to most life on earth, with this insane brinkmanship risking a nuclear WWIII. One sign is the General nominated to Chair the Joint Chiefs just voiced the Pentagon’s apparent new talking points: (H/T Alice Slater)

Ironically as a different colleague noted, the US is using the WWII Axis, by pushing Germany to take on Russia and pushing the rearming of Japan to confront China. Although the Vox article notes, with respect to Russia, that nations in decline are dangerous, it fails to note that this also applies to the U.S. side so we have a doubly dangerous situation, maybe as bad as the Cuban missile crisis.

NATO Jets Surrounding Russia: Before And After:

US warns of Russia, China military threat amid growing chaos:

NATO-Russia Collision Ahead?:

Cold War Redux (with Chris Hedges):

U.S. Explains How NATO Could Respond To Russia (courtesy of the Zionist PNAC Neocon agenda vs Russia in Ukraine as well):

US to Counter Russian ‘Aggression’ by Sending Tanks to Russia’s Border

Air Force may send F-22s to Europe over Russia ‘threat’

Russia says will retaliate if U.S. weapons stationed on its borders:–business.html

Russia Condemns US Weapons Deployment, Will Send Troops to Protect Border

Obama Sidelines Kerry on Ukraine Policy (defers to Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan’s PNAC Neocon agenda vs Russia):

Will Washington Kill US All (by Paul Craig Roberts)?

Ukrainians Dispossessed, Americans are next — Paul Craig Roberts

Political Murders in Kiev, US Troops to Ukraine (by Ron Paul):

US starts training Ukrainians to fight pro-Russia forces

(Neoconned GOP) U.S. Congress pushes Obama to Arm Ukraine:

Pat Buchanan: A Russia-US War via Ukraine:

US troops on Ukrainian soil could reignite fighting: Moscow

Ron Paul: Who’s the real enemy-Russia? Nope.;_ylt=AwrSbhBBKzBVVb4AxA5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

U.S. Military Moves To Russian Borders For First Time Ever:

Intent of Russian military aircraft near U.S. shores remains unclear

Neocons and the Ukraine Coup:

Ron Paul spot on about neocon inspired coup in Ukraine:

Putin Paranoia (by Patrick Buchanan)

McCain appointed to Ukraine reform advisory team headed by fugitive Georgian ex-leader

Neocon shill McCain recording Maidan uprising himself:

For McCain with Georgia and Ukraine look no further than the Jewish neocon he was associated with at following link:

Commentary: Israel of the Caucasus:

UK stuns Europe by sending troops to Ukraine:

Russia and the Neocon March to World War 3 with Paul Craig Roberts:

Gorbachev: Russia, Ukraine & Europe Risk Nuclear War:

Why We Must Return to the US-Russian Parity Principle

The choice is either a New Détente or a more perilous Cold War:

The breakup of the Soviet Union ended Russia’s march to democracy (by Prof. Stephen Cohen):

‘Unthinkable happening, U.S. and Russia on brink of direct military conflict’ – Prof. Stephen Cohen of NYU, Princeton:

Following is the John Mearsheimer article Stephen Cohen mentioned in above RT interview:

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin

by John Mearsheimer

 Ukraine joining NATO will lead to nuclear war: US expert

Same Stephen Cohen shown mentioning possibility of World War III at above Press TV link shown at beginning of following youtube warning about possibility of World War III (allow the first youtube with him at beginning to finish playing and the other ones to automatically play one after another after it finishes):

World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine!

Look what US military head Martin Dempsey (who is mentioned in above linked youtube via had to say according to following Daily Beast article:

U.S. Military Chief Compares Putin’s Ukraine Move to Stalin’s Invasion of Poland:

Subversive Ukraine Coup Threat Pushed Russia & Crimea Referendum:

China Warns U.S. to Stop Its (PNAC Neocon inspired) Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia:

Jewish neo-Bolshevik Borris Nemtsov was all for PNAC Neocon meddling in Ukraine vs Russia as well and was pushing anti-Putin line in Russia as well (he was shot before the big anti-Putin oppostion rally in Moscow on March 1st, 2015 so he looks like his murder is being used to create another Ukraine-like Maidan in Moscow like the PNAC Neocons orchestrated in Ukraine):

Maureen Coddington wrote:

The US has allocated $20 million for nefarious CIA/Mossad hits and mischief inside Russia. The bill passed in December. “The bill authorizes $10 million from fiscal 2016 through 2018 to counter Russian propaganda in the former Soviet Union countries, and it prioritizes Russian-language broadcasting into Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. It also authorizes $20 million over the same period for pro-democracy and anti-corruption efforts in Russia.” Will McNuts (John McCain) be there to cheer them on? Will Victoria Noodlesteinberg (Nuland) be passing out cookies?

Read more:

Russia To Collapse Dollar, White House Prepares For Civil Unrest

Kiev’s new offensive in Donbass may lead to irreversible consequences – Moscow

Kerry, Lavrov meet as tensions soar over Ukraine

New Russian sanctions bill to be signed by end of week – White House

Putin is winning the oil war: Katusa–katusa-020428723.html

Beware of Putin – the wounded animal:

Russia ‘may face chaos’ if extra sanctions imposed: Germany

Russia threatens response if US sets new sanctions over Ukraine|finance|inline|story|story&par=yahoo&doc=102273192

US resolution on Russia scarcely read by those who voted for it – Ron Paul:

Ron Paul: Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ on Russia

Don’t Risk War With Russia (by Philip Giraldi)

Dennis Kucinich: Let’s get ready for US-Russia war

‘If US sends weapons to Ukraine, Russia should send troops’ – lawmaker:

Ukraine cheers US vote for military aid, Russia outraged

Putin lashes out at U.S. as warmonger that has ‘deformed’ world order

Moscow to Sweden: Alleged ‘colliding’ jet 70km from civil route, used NATO tactics

Nuland Lands in Kiev as US-backed Regime Tools Up for War:

Obama’s NeoCon Warmongers: “F##k the EU! – Exactly!” – Victoria Nuland & Geoffrey Pyatt:

US general paints grim picture of Russia relations:–politics.html

Russia Test-Fires Intercontinental Missile From Nuclear Submarine

NATO says Russian troops in Ukraine amid fears of all-out war

Ukraine: Security deteriorating in rebel-held east

NATO says Russian jets, bombers circle Europe in unusual incidents

Russia’s Military Encounters Risk Clash in Europe: Report

Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico

Cold War Replay:

CrossTalk: Is World War III on?

US Navy takes control of base in Romania amid tensions with Russia

Russian FM issues blistering attack on US, NATO

Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative? — Paul Craig Roberts:

World War 3: U.S. Will Lose To Russia, China, Says “Expert”:

Ukraine Crisis – What You’re Not Being Told

US sending troops to Ukraine for war games to warn Russia

US Gen. threatens Russia with military response over Ukraine crisis

Cold War About to Turn Hot? Putin Warns Europe “I can Take Kiev in Two Weeks”; WW III Not a Good Option:

Russia sends military to protect Arctic oil region after Sweden deploys troops:

Russia to send troops to Crimea as NATO holds exercises in Ukraine:

Russia’s nuclear forces to hold major exercise this month:

What If There’s a Real War in Ukraine (by Eric Margolis)?

The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis:

Kiev warns of ‘great war’ with Russia as its forces retreat

‘Washington organized events happening in Ukraine’ – ex-OSCE VP

Don’t mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says

The New Cold War and the Necessity of Patriotic Heresy (by Stephen Cohen):

US fallacies may be leading to war with Russia:

Ukraine and NATO: Caveat Emptor

VIPS Memo for Chancellor Angela Merkel, August 31 2014:

Why the Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s Fault

The Liberal Delusions That Provoked Putin

by John Mearsheimer

Glad Neil Clark mentioned Zionist Neocons after Russia in following RT ‘CrossTalk’ broadcast after above linked John Mearsheimer article was mentioned as well:

CrossTalk: Kiev in Retreat

US warns of ‘significant’ Ukraine escalation ahead of key meeting

Ukrainian govt troops inch closer to rebel city:

World War on Russia’s Mind When U.S. Duels Over Ukraine:

Why Is Washington Risking War With Russia?

Kiev’s siege of the Donbass, supported by the Obama administration, is escalating an already perilous crisis:

Behind Obama’s ‘Chaotic’ Foreign Policy:

The World Is Doomed By Western Insouciance — Paul Craig Roberts

Washington Is Escalating the Orchestrated Ukrainian “Crisis” to War — Paul Craig Roberts:

Russian Nuclear Bombers Keep Roaming Closer to U.S. Airspace

US warns Russia against intervention in Ukraine

Russia’s ‘humanitarian’ mission to Ukraine is likely prelude to an invasion, NATO warns

Russia Calls For Emergency UN Security Council Meeting As Troops Fortify On The Border

Pentagon looking at possible military options for Russia: US general

US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia. Sergei Glazyev

Putin Hits Tipping Point as Ukraine Tightens Rebel Noose
Are Russia and Ukraine on the Brink of War?

The Day of the Hawk (by Pat Buchanan):

Russia Is ‘Ready’ For Battle In Ukraine:

Russia staging military exercises near Ukraine: Interfax

Call Exposes U.S. Scheming on Ukraine & Hypocrisy about Ukrainian Democracy:

Nuland Privately Cooks Up Ukraine Deal, Publicly Claims “Ukrainian Democracy” Concern

More on Victoria Nuland after the following as her husband is Jewish PNAC neocon Robert Kagan:

‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ and the Project for the New American Century

PUTIN Warns Dollar Losing World Reserve Currency Status

Germany Warns Wrecking Russian Economy Would Be Perilous

Saudi Arabia’s Oil Price ‘Manipulation’ Could Sink The Russian Economy:

Rouble plunges; Russians told not to panic

US sanctions on Russia & hold America has over Europe:

Obama Buggers Europe: Sanctions Deepen the Recession

Russia warns sanctions will backfire on West:

Sources: EU adopts tough new sanctions on Russia

Obama: New Sanctions Against Russia Will Have ‘An Even Bigger Bite’

Treasury imposes new sanctions on Russia over Ukraine:

Russia stoic on sanctions threat, analysts worried

US escalating economic sanctions against Russia:–politics.html;_ylt=AwrSyCSZAMdTmnMAXIvQtDMD

Obama on new sanctions: Russia failed to act in Ukraine

‘Economic sanctions are act of war’ – @RonPaul:

Ron Paul on the cynical media war unleashed by the international press dancing on the bones of innocent victims of Flight MH17:

Meanwhile on July 18, the day after the catastrophe, the Ukrainian army committed another severe bombardment of the residential areas of Lugansk causing 40+ dead (sorry for posting horrific photos)

Russia warns Ukraine after shell crosses border:

The Risk of a Ukraine Bloodbath (by Ray McGovern):

The Ukrainian Crisis: The United States, Russia, and Israel (by Stephen Sniegoski):

Subversive Ukraine Coup Threat Pushed Russia & Crimea Referendum: &

Another View: Ukraine crisis puts focus on danger of nuclear war:

Russia and West should back off to save Ukraine (Interview with Colin Powell’s fmr assistant Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson):

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was spot on about NATO vs Russia in following interview:

Cold War and Peace:

Crisis in Ukraine fomented by the neocon Kagan family:

Neoconservative Resurgence in the Age of Obama:

Robert Parry was spot on about the neocons at the State Dept in following youtube as Caleb Maupin pushed the Chomsky ‘imperial’ line in diverting from the same Zionist PNAC neocon agenda which pushed the US into Iraq and encouraged the Syrian civil war as well (some of Bob Parry’s articles from his Web site are linked below as well):

CrossTalk: Kiev’s War

To better understand the distracting work of Chomskyites like Caleb in above youtube, please see this brief talk by Jeff Blankfort:

Needed: Obama-Putin Summit on Ukraine:

What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis

Neocons’ Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit: &

Neocon inspired Chaos

Russia is not the Problem:

The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities (by Stephen Cohen):

Ukraine Presidential Frontrunner (winner) Petro Poroshenko and His Secret Jewish Roots

‘Chocolate King’s’ Father Was Jew Who Took Wife’s Name

Read more:

No mention will be made of this pic of Poroshenko with French Jewish Zionist Benard-Henri Levi:

@Sam_Zamel meet Zionist Bernard Henri Levy, Mastermind of all springs and revolutions!!

Poroshenko’s War:

Is Ukraine Crisis Neocon Payback To Putin For Syria and Iran Interventions?:

Glad to see Nial Clark mention PNAC neocons and Victoria Nuland near beginning of following ‘Crosstalk’ broadcast on RT:

Crosstalk: Broken Ukraine:

Why War is Inevitable:

U.S. slaps Russia with sanctions: does Moscow deserve it? – we debate In the Now:

James Rickards on financial warfare vs Russia and coming international financial collapse:

Listen to JP Sottile (of mention David Kramer (another Jewish Zionist PNAC neocon) and his Freedom House meddling in Ukraine vs Russia in his interview with Max Keiser near end of following youtube:

Keiser Report: Ukraine’s Big Oil & Big Angst (E590)

More on Jewish PNAC Zionist neocon David Kramer and his Freedom House as well at following URL:

PNAC: ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ and the Project for the New American Century:

The Neoconservative (i.e., Jewish Zionist) think-tanks that led the US to war on Iraq

The American Who Dared Make Putin’s Case:

Containment 2.0 (Stephen Cohen and John Mearsheimer appeared and Stephen Cohen mentioned near beginning that US and Russia could be heading for WW3 resulting in nuclear war):

‘Cold War Against Russia — Without Debate’

Kerry’s Propaganda War on Russia’s RT:

AP Interview: US troops may be sent to E Europe

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says:

Ukrainian armed personnel, armored vehicles seen close to Donetsk:

John Kerry to Russia: Back down from Ukraine or face more sanctions:

‘Ukraine needs economic freedom, not foreign aid’ – Ron Paul to RT

How Cold War-Hungry Neocons Stage Managed RT Anchor Liz Wahl’s Resignation:

Love or hate Ron Paul, he warned about interference in Ukraine in 2004:

Ron Paul: US $1bn aid for Ukraine wasted money:

Ron Paul vs Israel 1st neocon warmongers & their mouthpieces like Mitt Romney, John McCain and others:

Tune Out the War Party —No One Needs A New Crimean War!

Diplomacy Is a Four Letter Word (by Philip Giraldi):

The Neocon Triumph

Ukraine sounds a lot like Iraq (Philip Giraldi):

Putin Triumphs in Ukraine

Additional at following link:

Will Mobocracy Triumph in Ukraine?:

Nuland Privately Cooks Up Ukraine Deal, Publicly Claims “Ukrainian Democracy” Concern

Victoria Nuland admits US spent $5B on subverting Ukraine; insists on IMF “reforms”:

Victoria Nuland, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs; wife of (Neocon) Robert Kagan:
U.S. – Ukraine Foundation presents
Ukraine in Washington 2013
Address by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland
December 13, 2013
5: 03 The reforms that the IMF insists on are necessary for the long-term economic health of the country. A new deal with the IMF would also increase Foreign Direct Investment that is so urgently needed in Ukraine.
7: 26     Since Ukraine’s independence in 1991, the United States has supported Ukrainians as they build democratic skills and institutions, as they promote civic partipation and good governance, all of which are preconditions for Ukraine to achieve its European aspirations.
We’ve invested over 5 billion dollars to assist Ukraine in these and other goals that will assure a secure and prosperous and democratic Ukraine. […]

CrossTalk: Spinning Ukraine (ft. Pepe Escobar)

Fmr advisor to neocon shill Senator John McCain was PNAC neocon warmonger Randy Schuenemann:

Randy Schuenemann mentioned at following URL:

More on John McCain’s ties to PNAC:

Georgia: Israel of the Caucasus:

Russia rejects US warnings over oil deal with Iran:

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