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A New Neocon Push for Syrian War

A New Neocon Push for Syrian War (by Colleen Rowley):

Intervene? Or End Syrian War (by Patrick Buchanan):

Iraq  & Syria in accord with neocon Clean Break war for Israel agenda:

Israel lobby pushing for US government to intervene in Syria to weaken Iran (scroll to comments section at bottom of following URL link):

Seymour Hersh Alleges Obama Administration lied on Syria gas attack:

Obama plans to escalate civil war in Syria (for the Israel lobby per Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan of course!)

John Kerry threatening war (via chapter 7 at UN) vs Syria again:

Looks like Kerry is still after Syria intervention as well (like he pushed for vs Iraq):

Iraq: the ‘Liberation’ Neocons (and their shills like John McCain) Would Rather Forget: