World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine!

World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine! &

US has ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine, Russia: Analyst:

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US has ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine, Russia: Analyst:

One Response to “World War III Risk Due to U.S. meddling In Ukraine!”

  • Patriot says:

    Eric Margolis wrote:

    Forget all the Cold War-style hysteria over Ukraine and Crimea. There was and is absolutely no way that Russia can allow Ukraine (and its vital naval base in Crimea) to come into the US-led sphere of influence via NATO. Any more than Washington would allow Canada or Mexico to become Chinese allies.

    The solution to this manufactured crisis is, as Putin proposes, a referendum on Ukraine’s future and, most important, Kiev’s agreement to remain neutral between east and west. All this is geopolitics 101. What we’ve seen to date is amateur hour by the western powers v statesmanship by President Putin.

    I’m an old friend of Ukraine. My writings over the years about Stalin’s holocaust in Ukraine that killed 6-7 million of its people have put black marks against my name and injured my career. No matter – as a journalist it’s my task to get at the truth, not echo propaganda. Today, Ukraine’s nationalists and rightists must realize they can only go so far away from Russia. They must cooperate. Encouraging them with empty promises could lead to war between NATO and Russia.

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