PM Netanyahu orders preparations for possible attack on Iran this year

PM Netanyahu orders preparations for possible attack on Iran this year:

Israel lobby aiming for war with Iran: James Morris:

Cheney endorses Israeli strike on Iran at GOP gathering:

AIPAC bent on initiating war on Iran: Analyst

Israel PM orders army to prepare to hit Iran nuclear sites

Israel steps up talk of threat of force on Iran

Scott Rickard mentioned in following ‘CrossTalk’ broadcast on RT last night that Israel might attack Iran while Russia is distracted with Ukraine/Crimea:

Crosstalk: Broken Ukraine:

The US military guy (who wants US military to supply 30,000 pound bunker buster to Israel) is mentioned in following article by Zionist Jennifer Rubin of Washington Post:

I still think that Israel will wait until after the six months are up in July as Israel lobby shills Senators Ted Cruz and Jewish Chuck Schumer are working together to sabotage Iranian talks with US (in an effort to get US into another war for Israel with Iran like Iraq was). We are living in dangerous times due to these nefarious Zionists in the US govt and media and those who colloborate with them.

Senate Resolution: U.S. Will Go to War With Iran if Israel Does:

U.S. Senate committee passes AIPAC resolution to back Israel in conflict with Iran:

Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government: James Morris Dares to Mention the Taboo History:

Senators: Military aid to Israel secure despite budget cuts

US to give Israel $429 million for its Iron Dome missile system

US support for Israel is taking US down:

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