US funding of Israeli settlements ‘threat’ to US interests: Analyst

US funding of Israeli settlements ‘threat’ to US interests: Analyst:

US funding illegal settlements in ‘apartheid’ Israel: Analyst

Racist Apartheid State allows IDF Soldiers to kill | Interview with Israeli General’s son Miko Peled:

Kerry: Israeli settlements led to peace talks stalemate:

Netanyahu: Israel must be home of Jewish people alone (Donald Sterling mentioned):

Israel only for Jewish people: Netanyahu

5 Reasons Why Israel is an Apartheid State | Weapons of Mass

The General’s Son:

Kerry Blames Israel for Derailing Peace Talks BUT …

RICHARD FALK Why the Peace Talks Collapsed—and Should Not be Resumed:

Israel policy of torturing children:

Often instead of torturing children Israel shoots them:

Israeli soldiers shoot children.Jewish squatters do too:

US State Department report: ‘Price tag’ attacks by Israeli extremists against Palestinians go unpunished:

Kerry ‘betrayed and surprised’ by McCain onslaught:–betrayed-and-surprised–by-mccain-onslaught-202548525.html

Israel lobby shill John McCain warned by General Petraeus (on behalf of Central Command/CentCom) of Israel threat to US (scroll to link at but McCain traitorously ignores such as he puts Israel first for his own political aspirations like he did in betraying USS Liberty crew too: &

Traitorous Israeli lobby shill John McCain pushed Israel lobby line vs Iraq & Syria as well:

Israel lobby shill John McCain schooled by CIA’s Mike Scheuer on Israel & Iraq as Al Qaeda motive:

McCain (& admiral Dad) betrayed USS Liberty crew for AIPAC (Israel) as well: &

McCain pushed ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine & Georgia vs Russia as well:

McCain and other GOP politicians owned by Jewish neocons/donors:


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