House Approves Another $600 Million in Israel Military Aid

House Approves Another $600 Million in Israel Military Aid (as US cities and states go broke):

One Response to “House Approves Another $600 Million in Israel Military Aid”

  • ticktock says:

    Jews get rich off the labor of America’s tax paying citizens! Think about it. They control, blackmail, bribe and threaten all those scum in Washington who have no testicles to stand up for our Constitution and what is right for the American people. America is being turned upside by the jewish cabal running the country behind the scenes in order to divide this once united nation. The negroes were brought to America by jewish owned ships to start the degradation of the white race. Now it is the Mexicans and all brown skinned populations being allowed to invade the country. All the race mixing is a tool to further divide a once proud white race of Europeans now turned into racial mutts with no history, no true race and no true unity and identity for a nation to stand on. The future of America will become a hell hole of civilization barely living on the edge of poverty while the oligarchs and traitorous politicians live like kings.

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