Answering a different call: Americans who fight for Israel

Answering a different call: Americans who fight for Israel:

A fallen soldier, Max Steinberg found his purpose in Israel:

Alexander wrote:

Yep this is what you get when billionaire Zionists fund organizations like Birthright Israel
whose mission is to persuade Jews to pledge their allegiance to Israel
“What makes an American kid with shaky Hebrew and no ties to the
state of Israel suddenly decide he is ready to make this sacrifice? Maybe Max was especially lost, or especially susceptible, or maybe he was just looking to do some good and became convinced by his Birthright experience that putting on an IDF uniform and grabbing a gun was the way to do it. That serving and protecting the Jewish people was the moral thing to do, and that the best way to accomplish it was to go fight for the Jewish state. It turns out that it’s not that hard to persuade young people to see the world a certain way and that Birthright is very good at doing it. You spend hundreds of millions of dollars to convince young Jews that they are deeply connected to a country that desperately needs their support? This is what you get.”

“Solidarity With Israel” A Birthright trip convinced an American with shaky Hebrew that he was ready to die for another country.

Ethnic Extremist Leaves U.S. to Fight in Middle Eastern Tribal War

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