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Israel violating intl law by building more settlements in occupied lands

Israel violating intl. law by building more settlements in occupied lands:

Israel slyly boosts expansionist policies

Abbas demands Israelis stop occupation, ghettoization of Palestine

Palestinians: We will join ICC if no Israeli pullout deadline set

PA to launch diplomatic push for Palestinian state

Here Come the Kagans-Their War Plan to Defeat the Islamic State

Dr. Stephen Sniegoski wrote:


The following is my new article “Here Come the Kagans—Their War Plan to Defeat the Islamic State.”   Fred and Kim Kagan have developed the neocon alternative (which does include ground troops) to Obama’s “no-boots-on- the-ground” approach to defeat the Islamic State.  Fred, of  course, is noted for being an architect of the “surge” plan,  which the younger Bush adopted at the tail end of 2006 and has been touted as a great success in the US mainstream media (though this alleged success is highly questionable). Though the Kagan plan has not received much attention yet, there is a good chance that Obama’s strategy will move in  the direction of this more militant plan. In this essay,  I point out the likely disastrous effects that the Kagan Plan would have, though there is one nearby country, dear to the hearts of the Kagans and their associates,  that might benefit.

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Here Come the Kagans-Their War Plan to Defeat the Islamic State

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ISIL part of US neocon, Israeli agenda to reshape Middle East: Analyst

The Unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East”: The Crisis in Iraq and the Centrality of the National Interest of Israel:

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Former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer  in following youtube about Israel, Iraq war and other US interventions as terrorism motivation:

911 Motivation & Media Betrayal: