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Coming Financial Crash to Result in 25-YEAR DEPRESSION

25-YEAR DEPRESSION (Must watch interview with Jim Rickards of ‘The Death of Money’ book:

HARRY DENT: Civil unrest is coming to America:

The War on Savings: The Panama Papers, Bail-Ins, and the Push to Go Cashless:
Ellen Brown: “The situation is worse than it was in 2007. Our macroeconomic ammunition to fight downturns is essentially all used up.
“. . . European banks have already admitted to $1 trillion of non-performing loans: they are heavily exposed to emerging markets and are almost certainly rolling over further bad debts that have never been disclosed.
“The European banking system may have to be recapitalized on a scale yet unimagined, and new “bail-in” rules mean that any deposit holder above the guarantee of €100,000 will have to help pay for it. [Emphasis added.]
“It seems the War on Cash is being waged, not to stimulate the economy, but to save the lucrative private banking scheme at all costs. Quelling the riots likely to result from the mass confiscation of deposits could also underly the heightened push for a global “security state” and for those “anti-corruption” measures designed to determine where the money is and who owns it.
“Postscript: Bail-ins under the new 2016 European Recovery and Resolution Directivebegan officially today, April 10, in Austria. Ominously, it was in Austria that a major bank bankruptcy triggered the Great Depression in 1931.”

Gerald Celente: Gold, Silver, War & Collapse:

Rickards: The Fed has been tightening into weakness:

Following youtube included interesting Erin Ade interview with Jim Rickards about US economy in bad shape:

Erin Ade interview with Jim Rickards in following youtube:

Peter Schiff was Ron Paul’s financial advisor during his 2008 presidential run and predicted the 2008 crash and his latest book ( is a must read as well:

Biggest crisis ever looms – US Economic collapsePeter Schiff:

Peter Schiff Warns “The Fed Is Spooking The Markets, Not China”

Schiff: US problems are ‘homegrown’, China is not the problem:
CNBC’s Scott Nations vs Peter Schiff: Round 2 (Video)
Black Monday: China isn’t the cause of this meltdown in markets
Stock market set for more volatility as China dumps US bonds:
Bond markets shouting slowdown 

World headed for a global collapse worse than the great depression (Gerald Celente on coming financial crash):

The Case for The Wall St/Zionist Pro Israel Connection:

Wall Street Toasts Blankfein and Judaism at UJA-Federation Dinner:


BIS sees global turmoil on Fed hike:

Global economy ‘faces market bubble’:

Keiser Report: ‘Made in Europe’ Banking Frauds (guest discussed gold market manipulation):

Global underperformance discussed near end of following youtube:

This Is Exactly What The Early Phases Of A Market Meltdown Look Like:

Listen to Paul Craig Roberts in following Boom Bust from yesterday:

No lift off: Fed leaves rates

See what was mentioned about Fed and economy in following Boom Bust episode:

Greek election outcome could upend bailout deal:

Keiser Report: Rule 48 (Gerald Celente on coming financial crash):

Part 2 with Gerald Celente! Keiser Report: Zombie Economies (Gerald Celente warns of coming world war):

Keiser Report: Stop What’s That Sound? Falling Markets! (E804)
Doomsday clock for global market crash strikes one minute to midnight as central banks lose control:

Ron Paul: Watch out. Dollar’s in a ‘huge bubble’;_ylt=AwrSbhBBKzBVVb4AwQ5XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–

Stock Market Day Of Reckoning Is Near: — Ron Paul Says:

Developing Story: Dr. Ron Paul Reveals #1 Step to Prepare for America’s Next Big Crisis:

Must watch video of Ron Paul at following link about coming financial crash:

Blind faith in dollar will lead world to financial Armageddon – leading financial analyst:

Not an Alex Jones supporter but saw following:

Flashback: World Renowned Economist Warns Of Coming Crash Of All Crashes:

Martin Armstrong: “You’re going to see a massive collapse

Federal Reserve is doctoring statistics; financial expert predicts US economic bubble to collapse soon:

Greece Financial Ruin & America Is Next – U.S. Economy on the Brink of Collapse – Gerald Celente:

Deflation Is Winning – Beware!
Expect the ride to get even rougher

It linked to the following one as well as will have to see what happens:

The Economic Collapse Blog Has Issued A RED ALERT For The Last Six Months Of 2015:

Chris Hedges: The Great Unraveling:

No supporter of alex jones but listen to following;

Is the Dollar Signaling Another 2008-Type Autumn is Coming?:
All Hail Our Banking Overlords!
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/18/2015 – 19:15
“There’s simply too much debt and too little cheap oil for there to be any other trajectory to this story. We need to all prepare for the inevitability that, as the rot proceeds, the people of Greece will not be the only casualties of the banks’ attempts at self-preservation. They’ll try to throw all of us under the bus before taking any losses themselves.”

Former Reagan Budget Director Warns ‘ALL HELL TO BREAK LOOSE’: Investigative Report from Dent Research

Another Tumultuous Week To Nowhere In The Casino

Stockman: Stocks and bonds will ‘crash soon’
Keiser Report: Crack it, baby:

Max interviews Michael Hudson, author of Killing the Host, about how the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate sectors compromise our economies.

Keiser Report: Collapsing Empires (Summer Solutions E793):
Keiser Report: Planet Ponzi dwarfing world’s economy (E795):
‘Planet Ponzi’ book author Mitch Feierstein says coming crash near end of 2015:
‘Deal or war’: Is doomed dollar really behind Obama’s Iran warning?:
See posts at following thread about coming financial crash:

 Gov’t 101 with Jesse Ventura: Money Isn’t Real!
4 Billionaires are Extremely Worried that America’s Next Big Financial Crisis is Coming Soon:

CIA Advisor: Chinese Plot to Replace U.S. Dollar:

Five Signs the World is Now On the Cusp of All Out War:


Potential Criminal Leaks at the Federal Reserve

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert mentioned the above in near beginning of following broadcast:

Following is the article Stacey Herbert mentioned in above youtube:

Another Fed “Insider” Quits, Tells The Truth

Nomi Prins, Keynote Speaker Who Addressed The Fed, IMF And World Bank, Warns There Is No Saving This Global Financial System:

Peter Schiff: Things bankers are good at – creating inflation, making prices go up:

Peter Schiff–Low Inflation Is Not The Solution-The Future Is Still Golden:

UK Prime Minister David Cameron warns of looming second global crash:

Max Keiser mentioned UK Guardian article linked above in following Russia Today (RT) broadcast:
Max Keiser mentions Rothchilds in following one:

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert also mentioned following article in above interview:

Jamie Dimon:


 SocGen’s Edwards: Yes, Sell Everything and Run for Your Lives:

Jim Rogers: By the end of this decade US dollar will lose world dominance:

11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe:

The crash of 2016: Wall Street gets ready:

Scroll to mention of Crash of 2016 at following URL:

The Crash of 2016:

Take a look at following article as well when you can:

Forecast 2015 — Life in the Breakdown Lane

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert mentioned above linked article in following broadcast of their ‘Keiser Report’ program on Russia Today (RT):

Max Keiser broadcast about working more and getting paid less and real estate being bought up with easy money:

2015 The Great Economic Collapse

US Treasury Bonds,The Godfather Of All Bubbles

Are Big Banks Using Derivatives To Suppress Bullion Prices? — Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler

Silver Bullion Demand High – Price Falls and Premiums Surge:
Silver Is Significantly Undervalued – A Terrific Buy (Video):
Silver, Gold & The Cracking Economy with David Morgan:

David Morgan Talks Precious Metals, Credit Purge and the Inflation vs Deflation Debate:

David Morgan: Gold-to-Silver Ratio and Psychological Manipulation! – 7/19/15

Don’t dismiss the EU investigation into alleged gold and silver price fixing:

Chinese Yuan on way to become international currency’ – frmr head of #IMF’s #China division @erinade

Must watch Erin Ade show on RT with Gerald Celente about Greece and Yemen too:

Latest interview Erin Ade did with Gerald Celente via following youtube:
Interesting segment about gold running out in following Erin Ade broadcast but doesn’t take into account gold mining on seafloor which was discussed on Al Jazeera America’s Tech Know program last night:
How long will dollar last with European and Asian countries joining new China bank Erin Ade mentioned in following broadcast as well:
US money printing will have China take US place as number 1 economy in world?:

Max Keiser on coming financial collapse (Swiss banker guest, Egon von Greyerz. on silver and gold):

Part 1 of interview with Max Keiser’s guest (Swiss banker, Egon von Greyerz) on gold and silver in latter part in following youtube:

Keiser Report: Greek Ugly Scenario (E742):

Greek default: Is it a question of “when” not “if”?

Grexit or default within the eurozone? [VIDEO]
Silver will eventually outperform gold:

Interesting video about silver at bottom of following URL:

Following link about silver was interesting too:

Ron Paul: How Will the Yemeni Civil War End?:

Greece and US taxpayer dollars wasted on unnecessary wars instead of rebuilding infrastructure mentioned in following youtube as well:

Shocking Austerity in Greece:

China’s slowdown and Greece’s liquidity crunch:

See following one as well:

Worldwide Markets To See Total Panic As Massive Derivatives Bubble Implodes!:

Not a supporter of conspiracy kook Alex Jones but following interviews are worth listening to:

Harry Dent about the Coming ECONOMIC Collapse and what he thinks may cause it:

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author: Biggest Crash Is Coming (scroll to 14 minute mark of following youtube):

Following includes a four minute video clip from above interview with Robert Kiyosaki:

Robert Kiyosaki feeling gloomy on long term financial markets: I foresee a global currency collapse:

Robert Kiyosaki 2015 Gold, Stock Market & U.s. Dollar Prediction

Gold, Silver & Currency Economic Collapse Is Coming 2015 – Robert Kiyosaki

Might want to listen to what Paul Craig Roberts said about coming world war via  link at following Youtube as well:

Russia and the Neocon March to World War 3 with Paul Craig Roberts

Royal Bank to buy U.S.-based City National in $5.4B US deal (scroll down to the comments at following URL about Canadian government having a bail-in clause in the budget):

Confiscation of Bank Deposits, The Derivative Debt

‘Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve’ repeats on Al Jazeera America on January 26th at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET:

Money for Nothing: Inside the Federal Reserve:

PUTIN Warns Dollar Losing World Reserve Currency Status

Russia To Collapse Dollar, White House Prepares For Civil Unrest
Russian Dollar Dump Could Crash Financial System

The Dow closed at 17,501.65 down 331.34 on January 5th, 2015

Brent crude dropped at one point to $52.90 a barrel as it’s February futures fell by over 6 percent:

““The declines in oil are representing something much more ominous, which is a global economic slowdown,” Jeff Sica, president and CEO of advisory firm Circle Squared Alternative Investments, told Bloomberg by phone. “Investors have gone past the thought that this is good for the economy.””

Will upcoming Greek election result in global financial collapse?:

‘Placing EU in euro currency straitjacket made life impossible’:

‘Germany wants Greece to stay under domination of troika’:

Mainstream Media Finally Admits to Massive Gold Manipulation

October 29 – The Fed Ends the $4.5 Trillion Quantitative Easing Program

Debt Meteor approaching Earth:

Eurozone debt crisis:

US Economic Crisis: Part 1:

US Economic Crisis Part 2:

The Suicide of a Great Nation
Ebola and ISIS Are Symptoms of Decline

Russian Roulette: Taxpayers Could Be on the Hook for Trillions in Oil Derivatives–Taxpaye-by-Ellen-Brown-Bailout_Citigroup_Glass-Steagall_Oil-Crisis-Global-Disruption-141220-894.html

French austerity measures inspire mass domestic protests

US broke fighting wars for Israel in Mideast thanks to following donors:

Billionaires Mobilize for 2016

Buying Candidates for Israel is Bipartisan

What 2020 Will Bring:

UK MPs pass motion to recognize Palestine as a state

Israel 1st CNN won’t dare mention the following because of what is conveyed at as well:

UK MPs pass motion to recognize Palestine as a state:

Israel’s chickens coming home to roost?:

Forbidden Liberty: British MP’s Vote ‘Yes’ to Palestine, Israel Now Fears Public Opinion

UK decision to recognize Palestine angers Israel:
PA to launch diplomatic push for Palestinian state