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Paris Shootings Motivated by Israel & Interventions as well

Paris Attacker Said Kouachi Knew Convicted Nigerian Airline Bomber:

Phone interview: Chérif Kouachi claims Paris terror plot financed by al-Qaeda

Paris attacks: Were gunmen aided by terror network?

For Paris attackers, terror ties ran deep

We know that the Underwear Bomber (Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab) was associated with AQAP & AQAP were/are motivated to attack US because of US support for what Israel did to Gaza during ‘Cast Lead’ back in 2008 as conveyed via following links:

Underwear Bomber was retaliating for U.S. support of Israel & killing of innocent Muslims:

“Underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab mentions US support for Israel as motive:“underwear-bomber”-umar-farouk-abdulmutallab-mentions-israel-as-motive/

The terrorist Kouachi brothers were motivated by the Zionist neocon inspired war for Israel in Iraq ( & after he saw the pictures of Israeli torture tactics used at Abu Ghraib as we know from Janis Karpinski that at least one Israeli was in Iraq working with US interrogators based on following BBC story:

BBC: Israeli Interrogators in Iraq:

The terrorist at the Jewish Kosher supermarket in France also conveyed to a journalist that the founding of Israel was the motivation for the attack. So former CIA Bin Laden unit head Michael Scheuer is validated yet again with terrorism motivation in the following youtube as French Parliament just voted to continue its military operations in Iraq, Central African Republic and in Mali as well (France votes to extend airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Iraq: ):

9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal:

To end terrorism dump Israel: & end wars for Israel:

General (Ret) James David (who is mentioned on the cover of the third edition of Paul Findley’s ‘They Dare to Speak Out’ book about the power of the Israel lobby on the US political system and media) wrote the following:

Jimmy Carter is Georgia’s favorite son and used to get publicity in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution nearly anytime he spoke, but that hasn’t happened ever since he angered American Jews with his book “Palestine:Peace, not Apartheid.” Now he speaks the truth again, and not a word about it in the AJC or, for that matter, any other American media. Isn’t it hypocritical when you think about it? The Paris terrorist attack was against freedom of the press, yet that’s exactly what we see in the American media when the subject of Israel is mentioned. Any American media who dare speak out against Israel’s extreme disregard for human rights are liable to be in the line of fire:
Jimmy Carter: Israeli-Palestinian conflict a cause of Paris attacks | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Against Terrorism – But for What (by Patrick Buchanan)?

How Western policy assists the transformation of anti-Israelism into anti-Semitism

Former Israeli minister tell Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman how ‘anti-Semitic trick’ is used to suppress criticism of Israel at via Youtube.

Former Pink Floyd frontman (Roger Waters) sparks fury by comparing Israelis to Nazis

Patriot Act’s unintended consequences in post-9/11 world

US support for Israel resulted in 9/11 which resulted in civil liberties being eroded (to include the Patriot Act) as mentioned at following URL as well:

Of course the above will be downplayed or not even mentioned in US media because of what is conveyed at following URL:

Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?: