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“Netanyahu, & US Congress hawks want to torpedo Iran nuclear talks”

Israel lobby pushing US to thwart nuclear deal with Iran: Analyst:

Will U.S. give Israel weapons to start war by itself?:

House vote against Iran deal shows AIPAC influence on Congress: Ex-Democratic senator

Nuclear deal opens Iran for global business – and shuts out the US:

Neocon shill Lindsey Graham Blames Iran For 9/11 Attacks:

Stephen Sniegoski​ wrote:

Though hyperbolic at times, as is Raimondo’s trademark, his article hits the spot in his major point that the pro-Israel neocons “have lost the tug-of-war with the pro-American faction of the foreign policy establishment: that’s the significance of the Iran deal, and its importance should not be underestimated. This is a tipping point, a real sea-change – but the neocons never give up, and they never give an inch. We underestimate them at our peril.
“It’s now fourteen years after 9/11, and the War Party’s momentum has been slowed, albeit not entirely halted. But this is no time for complacency. What they are counting on is their staying power within the GOP, and their many connections in the Democratic party – including their influence over Hillary Clinton, whose recent speech on the Iran deal was framed in terms of her total allegiance to Israel.”

The Long Road From 9/11The neocons have been pushed back – but not defeated:

Attack on the Nuclear Deal, the Israel Factor, and the Iran Peace Scare:
What America will offer Israel after the nuclear deal:

War Inside the Beltway:

Israeli-occupied Congress confronts the White House

My country right or wrong? But which country?

Israel Wants ‘Compensation’ For The Iran Deal – Because $3 Billion A Year Isn’t Enough:

US-Israel spat over Iran deal may sideline Palestinians:

Bribing Bibi and His Proxies to Behave
They won’t anyway and it will cost us much more

How top Clinton confidants talk about Israel when no one’s listening:

Congress’ Test of Allegiance: US or Israel?:

Inside the small, pro-Israel outfit leading the attack on Obama’s Iran deal:

Fears of Lasting Rift as Obama Battles Pro-Israel Group on Iran:

Obama tells Americans it is ‘abrogation of my constitutional duty’ to defer to Israel on Iran Deal:

Shocker: ‘NYT’ runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets:

PressTV-‘AIPAC goes all out against Iran deal’:

AIPAC: Headed for Defeat (But That’s Not Why It’s Bad for the Jews):

Ex-NATO Chief Leads Push by Retired Military Brass to Kill Iran Deal:

Some Dubious Characters, Connections Among Ex-Military Foes of Iran Deal:

Playing the Long Game on Iran

The Neoconservatives, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Republicans Game the System:

About the Neocons and their fixation on war with Iran: “They will push until they are stopped.” A very important article warning not to get delusions of peace; the warmongers are playing the long game:

Phil Giraldi on Opponents of Iran Deal; Failures of the Left

House Democrat Hastings calls for war authorization against Iran
House Democrat Calls For War Authorization Against Iran
His goal is to influence the next president, not the current one.

Zionist group funded by billionaires has paid for a Times Square Billboard to ‘Salute” Sen Charles Schumer for opposing Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal
From Wiki: “The top donors to UANI are a pair of trusts associated with the billionaire Thomas Kaplan and a family foundation operated by Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson and his wife Miriam. Together, the funding associated with Kaplan and Adelson accounted for more than three-quarters of the group’s total revenue of $1.7 million for the 2013 tax year.[11]

Times Square billboard to salute Schumer for Iran deal opposition:

Israel’s $100 Million Gamble

The Israel Lobby doubles down on its propaganda war:

$100 Million to Sink Iran Peace Effort

John Kerry Warns “Dollar Will Cease To Be Reserve Currency Of The World” If Iran Deal Rejected

Poll Shows Americans Now Oppose Iran Deal
Media Campaigns Have Killed Strong Majority Support for Pact:

‘Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons’ – Ron Paul’s latest column:

Anti-Iran Deal Groups Backed by $145 Million

Alexander J Ajay​ wrote: If we end up going to war with Iran, expect alot of casaulties on both sides and much destruction…
If we do so….the blood will be on the hands of the Israel Lobby…
““The foreign lobby [AIPAC] is going into specific districts and trying to pressure Democrats who might be vulnerable in the next election cycle,” Daniel Patrick Welch, a political commentator in Boston, told Press TV on Thursday.
“And what they’ll do is paint anyone who doesn’t toe the line as being against Israel, and anti-Semitic etc, etc – the usual line. And they spend a lot of money doing that,” he added.”

AIPAC launches all-out war against Iran agreement:

Leading Bibi’s Army in the War for Washington:

Fifty freshman congressmen are being flown to Israel on AIPAC’s dime to be briefed by the Israeli government on the Iran deal. Excuse me, but people should be outraged by this yet it hasn’t even appeared anywhere in the mainstream media:

AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal:

And Bibi is appealing directly to American Jews to have them actively oppose the agreement:

Netanyahu Will Address U.S. Jews on Iran Deal in Live Webcast Speech:

Iran nuclear deal: Let the propaganda wars begin

The Centerpiece of US Foreign Policy Struggle

The Conference of 52 Presidents of the Major American (sic) Jewish Organizations and the US-Iran Nuclear Agreement

U.S. Using Iran Inspections to Tweak Targeting in Event of “Military Option”

When White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest sought to placate hawks, he revealed more about the Iran deal than he may have intended:

Poll: Overwhelming US Majority Says Israel Should Receive No Aid Boost due to US / Iran “Deal”

Rand Paul kows to Israel lobby as well:

Paul Endorses Military Action Against Iran

Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar

This time, he’s crossed the Rubicon

Flip-flopping Rand again:

As debate looms, Rand Paul sees a chance to be GOP dove:

Rand certainly isn’t his Dad:

Obama associates Iran accord opponents with Iraq War proponents

Israeli-occupied US Congress seeks war with Iran: Analyst

US public supports Iran deal, but Israel lobby groups seek to quash it:

Iran Nuclear Deal and pro-Israel Lobbyists:

Crisis for the lobby: Clinton bucks Saban, AIPAC doesn’t know what to say:

The network of powerful Israel partisans who are pushing to bomb Iran:

Neocon Podhoretz advocates bombing Iran:

“Netanyahu, & US Congress hawks want to torpedo Iran nuclear talks”

Israel seeking to torpedo Iran nuclear deal: Analyst:–Congress-Nuclear-Deal

Following is a youtube link for the above interview:

“Iran to ask for explanations over US contradictory factsheet”:

US Senate trying to sabotage Iran nuclear talks: Analyst:

John Kerry gave a revealing answer on whether the US will help protect Iran’s nuclear program from an Israeli cyber-attack:

Iran hits out at Kerry’s ’empty threats’:

Israel agenda wider war in Mideast: Analyst:

Video link for above Press TV interview:

Iran UN envoy demands UNSC denounce Israeli nuke threat

Israel Lobby’s feathers get ruffled whenever information about Israeli nuclear weapons programs emerge from US govt:

Neocons vs. Neocon on Iran (Bill Kristol vs AIPAC on Iran Deal):

US ‘helped Israel build hydrogen bomb’: declassified report

How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S.

Documents revealed this week shed new light on the story of Israel’s nuclear program, and the role of John Kerry’s father in the saga:

Secret Cooperation: Israel Deploys Nuclear Weapons on German-Built Submarines

Israel repeats military threat on Iran:

Israeli threat to nuke Germany & Iran:

Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat:

The Samson Option Still Threatens the World:

The Iran Talks Game Changer: An Israeli-Hezbollah War:

Iran: The Aggressor or the Aggressed Upon?

If Nuclear Iran Is So Scary, What About Israel? – Forward Thinking:

In actuality, Iran is no threat to US and would benefit the entire West if the existing sanctions were removed. Such a development would pull Iran away from its dependence on Russia and China. As Justin Raimondo points out, America’s hard-line policy has not been based on US interests:

The Deal

It’s a good one – but can it survive the US Congress?

All Praise To The Iranian Nuclear Framework—–It Finally Exposes The War Party’s Big Lie (by David Stockman)

Obama courts Israel on Iran deal:

‘NYT’ describes Congress as Netanyahu’s wind-up toy

‘NYT’ addresses pro-Israel donors’ influence over Congress:

AIPAC Busting up Peace Efforts

Angst about Iran deal at GOP Jewish meeting:

George W. Bush Bashes Obama on Middle East:

White House gives Israel lobby influenced Congress say on Iran deal:

AIPAC Discovers 47 Useful Idiots
Money talks and even writes letters:

Neocon darling Sen. Tom Cotton allies w dissident group which killed six Americans and fought w Saddam Hussein:

 Ron Paul criticizes Iran position taken by his son, Rand Paul
150,000 sign treason petition on US Republican letter to Iran:

Following includes a link for the petition:

File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement:

Senator Tom Cotton who spearheaded letter to Iran got 1 million from Kristol’s Emergency Committee for Israel:

Cotton’s Rise fueled was fueled by pro-Israel money but Chris Matthews and NYT won’t tell you so:

Republicans and opponents of the Iran deal are funded by the same mega-donors:

Iran Deal: Find out which members of Congress receive the most support from pro-Israel groups. More data on &

 90% of Netanyahu’s reelection fund came from the United States, half of which was paid for by only three families:

Jewish Israel 1st Sheldon Adelson – The Dangerous American Oligarch Behind Benjamin Netanyahu

Additional about Sheldon Adelson at following URL:

Republican Jewish Coalition:

Sheldon Adelson says Israel should nuke Iran:

Congress would rather listen to AIPAC (see following Dutch VPRO ‘The Israel Lobby’ documentary which the Dutch producer couldn’t get any US media channel to air because of what is conveyed via the links at as well):

The Israel Lobby (Marije Meerman, VPRO Backlight 2007)

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby:

Firmly Controlled By AIPAC US President and US Congress Neglect American Interests Over Israel’s

The Enemy of My Enemy (by Patrick J. Buchanan):

Does Iran Really Want a Bomb (by Patrick J. Buchanan)?

Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring:

Counterespionage debriefing reveals how Israel targeted U.S.

Israeli PM Netanyahu smuggled nuke triggers – RT Global TV broadcast and IRmep Research:

Today RT broadcast a program on Israel’s recent refusal to open its arsenal to UN nuclear weapons inspectors.  The segment featured IRmep research on Benjamin Netanyahu’s past role illegally smuggling nuclear triggers from the United States:


Netanyahu Came to Congress to start Iran war for Israel

Netanyahu pushing Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan for Mideast vs Iran:

Rabid neocon mouthpiece Hannity vs America 1st patriot Pat Buchanan on Iran:

Pat Buchanan was spot on with following ‘Whose War?’ article as well:

Israel Spied on Iran Nuclear Talks With U.S.

Ally’s snooping upset White House because information was used to lobby Congress to try to sink a deal

Netanyahu: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered The Power of Israel over the United States

Hidden video of Netanyahu: US easily manipulated (via AIPAC/Neocon influence as well):

Another neocon pushing Iran war for Israel:

Bob Parry mentioned above article in following article:

Netanyahu Unmasks Israel:

Paul Findley: The High Cost of Subservience to Israel: