Neocons vs. Neocon on Iran

Neocons vs. Neocon on Iran:

Neocon darling Sen. Tom Cotton allies w dissident group which killed six Americans and fought w Saddam Hussein:

Israel seeking to torpedo Iran nuclear deal: Analyst:

Following is a youtube link for the above interview:

“Iran to ask for explanations over US contradictory factsheet”:

Israel lobby influenced (owned) Congress will derail Iran deal for Iran war:


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  • Mehdi says:

    I would really like to see the new Egyptian foirgen policy vigorously acting in open support of full Palestinian rights down to the letter of every UN Resolution that Israel is currently violating, the Geneva Conventions and all International Law. It would be great to see an Egypt that is insisting of every protection due the Palestinians be rigorously pursued Palestine will certainly benefit from a neighbor who is a champion rather than a saboteurInstead of being a force for appeasing, aiding and abetting Israeli crimes in Palestine let’s hope that new Egypt becomes the one of the foremost defenders of Palestinian rights in the Middle EastAnother benefit from a new Egypt freed from the American-Israeli puppet show it was starring in is the near impossibility this creates for an Israeli-Neocon attack on Iran. The new Egypt is just such good news The Neocons described their grand strategy for the Middle East thusly: “Iraq is the tactical pivot, Saudi Arabia the strategic pivot, Egypt the prize.”Well Egypt has been lost and with it the Neocon/Israeli Clean Break Plan’

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