Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban

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Subject: Hillary Clinton’s Billionaire Backer Israel-Firster Haim Saban


Hillary Clinton’s  Billionaire Backer  Israel-Firster Haim Saban

The following is my new article “Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban.” Focusing on the Clinton-Saban connection, the essay delves into Saban’s pro-Israel activities and Clinton’s  hawkish positions and supporters. Saban is a dual United States-Israel citizen and hardline supporter of Israel, who has openly commented, “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.” Hillary Clinton remains the very heavy favorite for the Democratic nomination despite Bernie Sanders little surge. 

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Stephen Sniegoski wrote:

Hillary’s Ultra-Pro-Israel Financial Backer Haim Saban

Interesting piece on the influence of Hillary’s long-time financial supporter Haim Saban, best known for saying “I’m a one-issue guy and my one issue is Israel” This article points out that “his position near the top of Clinton’s world is unquestionable: None of his fellow top fundraisers or donors agreed to speak about him with POLITICO on the record, but they unanimously characterized the Los Angeles resident as adjacent to some of her tightest orbits of influence.

“That description is corroborated by the emails, illuminated in particular by the ease with which he interacts with Podesta, Mook and Abedin — three top aides who are largely inaccessible even to most of Clinton’s donors.”

http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/haim-saban-hillary-clinton-donor-230711Does Hillary Clinton Have a Haim Saban Problem?


Hillary’s anti BDS letter to Haim Saban:


Media Mogul Haim Saban Would ‘Bomb Living Daylights’ out of Iran:


Jewish Mega-Donor Fed Up With ‘Hot-Headed,’ ‘Shouting’ Women:


Excellent interview with Max Blumenthal about Haim Saban and ‘crooked Hillary’:



So no surprise neocons are advising Hillary as well:


Let’s talk about Russian influence

Excellent article
Read it all, it makes the points about the Israel Lobby and the Media,etc
That Progressives often just haven’t the courage to deal with honestly
from article:
“No one talks about the hand of Israel; but Hillary Clinton promises her biggest donor, Haim Saban, whose one issue is Israel, that she’ll work against the boycott campaign and she’ll meet Benjamin Netanyahu in her first month of office: the same Netanyahu who tried to undermine our president’s signature foreign policy achievement by speaking and lobbying Congress under the president’s nose, Netanyahu who said that America could be easily moved, Netanyahu who pushed the Iraq war in 2002 to transform the Middle East, even as Hillary Clinton was voting for that war.
The latest batch of Clinton emails show that then-Secretary of State Clinton was shuffling her schedule to meet with big Clinton Foundation donors who care about Israel. “I’m on shuttle w Avigdor Liberman…. I want to stop by to see hrc tonite for 10 mins,” wrote one of them.
When Donald Trump tried to take a “neutral” position on Israel, Hillary Clinton told the leading Israel lobby group AIPAC that he had “no business” being president and she was going to take the relationship with Israel “to the next level.”
When Bernie Sanders tried to stake out a neutral position on Israel, Clinton’s catspaw at the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, complained privately, “The Israel stuff is disturbing.” Or as Anne Lewis, Clinton’s political guru who is also a Zionist, said, “The role of the president of the United States is to support the decisions that are made by the people of Israel.”
– See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2016/08/about-russian-influence/

Clinton Email: Google Subsidiary Sought to Help With Syria Regime Change
Google Ideas Partnered With al-Jazeera on Effort


Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake

Insisted Russia Wouldn’t Dare Interfere:


Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government: James
Morris Dares to Mention the Taboo History


Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran”: On Friday, presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton:

Jewish City Councilmembers — Including Treyger & Greenfield — Endorse Hillary Clinton

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?


2 Responses to “Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban”

  • Patriot says:

    Via Peter Thottam at Facebook:


    Hillary Clinton’s two core problems for Nov. 2016: (1) No real vision as to addressing the increasing class injustices/inequities that are growing in America; (2) Lack of Trust: No one (apart from the global 1%, Walmart / Goldman & Exxon execs, and except for ardent feminists who just want a woman in the White House) trusts her … She is not a leader. She hasn’t achieved any broad-based sense of inspired loyalty. Her focus is ascribed status based on the Clinton name and her gender.

    Four of Clinton’s top five donors since 1999 are Wall Street firms. Clinton’s deep family relations (via Bill Clinton’s heavily Wall State biased presidency from ’92 to 2000 (Robert Rubin (GS, Citi)) and her own daughter (Chelsea married to Marc Mezvinsky (ex-GS partner, current hedge fund trader)) are deep and far reaching. They key off Walmart/Rose-Law firm partnership and the outsourcing of the productivity of the US economy (read labor exploitation) during the 1990s to China and E. Asia/Latin America. Hillary Clinton is now worth over $50 million. Her daughter, Chelsea, is married into Goldman Sachs via her husband (Marc Mezvinsky). Marc was a former Goldman Sachs partner and current NY / Connecticut hedge fund owner/trader. He and Chelsea had a lavish $3 MILLION Wedding own both a $10.5 million NY condo and a separate $5 million NY property.

    Hillary Clinton & Chelsea ($600,000 former part-time job annual salary with GE/MSNBC for a few puff pieces on MSNBC – see (1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/…/chelsea-clinton…/) and (2) Chelsea’s Pro-Israel/Zionist Wall Street embodiment husband, Marc Mezvinsky (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Mezvinsky) are solidly in the pay of Wall Street and the 1%.

    See also Marc Rich & Hillary Clinton’s family friend, Marc’s father Edward Mezvinsky ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Mezvinsky — in federal prison for 5 years for wire fraud & bribing federal officials on behalf of Clinton pardoned banker Marc Rich (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Rich)).

    p.s.: GE (owner of MSNBC) — 3rd largest military contractor in the US. CNN/AOL-TIME-WARNER-Capitol Cities ABC (same story). Hence the biased media coverage for Hillary.

  • Patriot says:

    According to a Forbes article, Clinton’s top donor is an Israeli-American named Haim Saban.

    According to Saban’s Wikipedia page: “Saban says his greatest concern is to protect Israel. At a conference in Israel, Saban described his formula. His three ways to influence American politics were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.” He has stated in multiple interviews: “I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”

    Also from the Forbes article:


    “In March, she [Clinton] gave a speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee saying, “If I’m fortunate enough to be elected president, the United States will reaffirm we have a strong and enduring national interest in Israel’s security.” Clinton also wrote a letter to Saban in July 2015 asking for the billionaire’s “recommendations on how leaders and communities across America can work together to counter BDS [Boycot, Divestment and Sanctions],” a movement aimed to pressure Israel into accommodating Palestine’s demands.”

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