Israeli-occupied US Congress seeks war with Iran

Israeli-occupied US Congress seeks war with Iran: Analyst

War Inside the Beltway:

Israeli-occupied Congress confronts the White House

Congress’ Test of Allegiance: US or Israel?:

House Democrat Hastings calls for war authorization against Iran
House Democrat Calls For War Authorization Against Iran
His goal is to influence the next president, not the current one.

Shocker: ‘NYT’ runs front page press release for AIPAC warning Obama to cool his jets:

Obama associates Iran accord opponents with Iraq War proponents

Iran Nuclear Deal and Pro-Israel Lobbyists:

Obama tells Americans it is ‘abrogation of my constitutional duty’ to defer to Israel on Iran Deal:

Israel’s $100 Million Gamble

The Israel Lobby doubles down on its propaganda war:

$100 Million to Sink Iran Peace Effort

Poll Shows Americans Now Oppose Iran Deal
Media Campaigns Have Killed Strong Majority Support for Pact:

‘Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons’ – Ron Paul’s latest column:

Anti-Iran Deal Groups Backed by $145 Million

Alexander J Ajay​ wrote: If we end up going to war with Iran, expect alot of casaulties on both sides and much destruction…
If we do so….the blood will be on the hands of the Israel Lobby…
““The foreign lobby [AIPAC] is going into specific districts and trying to pressure Democrats who might be vulnerable in the next election cycle,” Daniel Patrick Welch, a political commentator in Boston, told Press TV on Thursday.
“And what they’ll do is paint anyone who doesn’t toe the line as being against Israel, and anti-Semitic etc, etc – the usual line. And they spend a lot of money doing that,” he added.”

AIPAC launches all-out war against Iran agreement:

U.S. Using Iran Inspections to Tweak Targeting in Event of “Military Option”

When White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest sought to placate hawks, he revealed more about the Iran deal than he may have intended:

Leading Bibi’s Army in the War for Washington:

Iran nuclear deal: Let the propaganda wars begin

Poll: Overwhelming US Majority Says Israel Should Receive No Aid Boost due to US / Iran “Deal”

John Kerry gave a revealing answer on whether the US will help protect Iran’s nuclear program from an Israeli cyber-attack:

Iran hits out at Kerry’s ’empty threats’:

What about Israeli nukes?:

Rand Paul kows to Israel lobby as well:

Paul Endorses Military Action Against Iran

Rand Paul: Fraud, Failure, Liar

This time, he’s crossed the Rubicon

Israel lobby influenced (owned) Congress pushes to derail Iran deal for Iran war:

Neocon Podhoretz advocates bombing Iran:

Netanyahu pushing Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan for Mideast vs Iran:

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