Philip Giraldi on Susan Lindauer’s Covert Report radio show

ISIS & the Refugee Crisis with fmr CIA Directorate for Turkey Philip Giraldi:

Following is a direct audio link for the program:

Philip Giraldi mentioned in following New York Times column:

Examining Who Runs the United States:

A Refugee Crisis Made in America:

Will the U.S. accept responsibility for the humanitarian consequences of Washington-manufactured wars?

The Real Refugee Problem – And How To Solve It (by Ron Paul):

The #RefugeeCrisis: What’s Palestine got to do with it?:

Western media blame Russia for the refugee crisis [VIDEO]:

Who’s to Blame for Syria Mess? Putin!

Madness of Blockading Syria’s Regime

 How Neocons Destabilized Europe:
US neocons, Zionists destroying Israel’s enemies by creating divisions: Journalist:

British troops ‘could be deployed to the Middle East to set up and protect safe havens for refugees fleeing Syria

In accord with Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan for Mideast:

The Unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East”: The Crisis in Iraq and the Centrality of the National Interest of Israel:

Syrian refugee crisis result of Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan vs Syria as well (scroll to links after Stephen Sniegoski‘s write-up at following URL):

CIA’s Michael Scheuer on Israel & Iraq war as terrorism motivation:

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