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Syria, World War 3 and Financial Collapse (with Susan Lindauer, Joachim Hagopian & Scott Bennett):

Following is a youtube of above broadcast:

Following is the piece James Morris read from in above broadcast:

30 Years Ago, Neocons Were More Candid About Their Israel-Centered Views:

James Morris mentioned Adelson & Saban as well:

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama:

Hillary Clinton Pledges to Defend Israeli Apartheid and Fight BDS Movement in Letter to Mega-Donor:

Does Hillary Clinton Have a Haim Saban Problem?

Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban:

Hillary Clinton: the Queen of Chaos and the Threat of World War III:
AIPAC Is Coming to Town
The annual grovel begins next week

The Israel Lobby (AIPAC which Hillary Clinton panders to):

Israel Lobby Pushes for US Action Against the Syrian Government: James
Morris Dares to Mention the Taboo History

Per Israeli Likudnik Oded Yinon neocon plan for Iraq & beyond in Mideast:

The Unfolding of Yinon’s “Zionist Plan for the Middle East”: The Crisis in Iraq and the Centrality of the National Interest of Israel:

US neocons, Zionists destroying Israel’s enemies by creating divisions: Journalist:

CIA’s Michael Schcuer on Israel & Iraq war (supported by Hillary Clinton for Haim Saban and AIPAC) as terrorism motivation:

“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..”
Video Interview with General Wesley Clark

US has a Zionist PNAC ‘neocon agenda’ in Ukraine vs Russia: