Liberals Outraged by Clinton’s Pro-Israel Rhetoric

Liberals Outraged by Clinton’s Pro-Israel Rhetoric at AIPAC:

What They Said
Candidates double down on Israel at AIPAC

Hillary’s anti BDS letter to Haim Saban:

Hawkish Hillary Clinton and Her Israel-First Political Sugar Daddy Haim Saban:

Does Hillary Clinton Have a Haim Saban Problem?

Hillary Clinton: the Queen of Chaos and the Threat of World War III:

Jewish City Councilmembers — Including Treyger & Greenfield — Endorse Hillary Clinton

Would a Clinton Win Mean More Wars?

AIPAC Is Coming to Town
The annual grovel begins next week

Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake

Insisted Russia Wouldn’t Dare Interfere:

The Israel Lobby (AIPAC which Hillary Clinton panders to):

CIA’s Michael Scheuer on Israel & Iraq war as terrorism motivation:

General Petraeus and Centcom also warned Congress of Israel threat:

I’d Dump the Israelis Tomorrow –Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress:

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